The new playbook introduces radical ideas

Researchers at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and Stanford University have jointly authored a playbook for the creation and realisation of radical innovations.

The Playbook for Strategic Foresight & Innovation includes numerous step-by-step instructions, examples, case studies and methods that a company needs in its search for a radical idea for creating new business opportunities, products or services or for building an organisation that supports the continuous development of radical ideas.

“The playbook is aimed at anyone who is looking for a daring breakthrough and to create a new business through a new vision. Generally speaking, there is not enough innovation based on vision in Finland. However, ideas alone are not enough; one also needs tools to be able to implement the ideas. This is the strength of our playbook", states Vesa Harmaakorpi, Professor of Innovation Systems and Dean of LUT's Faculty of Technology.

The co-operation with Stanford researchers was made possible by Tekes. Tekes also funded the playbook as a part of its research project on practical innovations.

"Due to the breakdown of the traditional strong industrial clusters in Finland, we need new wide-ranging radical innovations and sources for growth. The financial crisis is also dominant in Finnish discussions. In addition, it is important to develop new approaches and platforms for future radical innovations so that we can quickly achieve new growth when the financial crisis begins to ease up", says Christopher Palmberg, Tekes's leading expert.

"The playbook gives clear and well-illustrated ideas for implementing innovations in new ways, and it can help companies envision and develop their innovations in very concrete ways. We hope that this well-implemented study will thus also promote a continuous renewal of Finnish economic life", Palmberg adds.

Innovation tools tested in Finland

The methods for the playbook were tested in Finland. "The participants praised the methods as being logical and easy to use. The wide range of the tools in the playbook was also commended", states Tuija Oikarinen, project manager for the research project on practical innovations.

The book contains tools for choosing and developing ideas, envisioning and analysing future customers and markets and developing ideas for the market. Additionally, the playbook contains methods for mapping the organisation's resources and required co-operation partners.

The same project also gave birth to Innopakki, a Finnish guidebook for small and medium-sized businesses. Innopakki explains theories and methods of innovation in easy-to-understand ways and also demonstrates how these methods can be applied in practice through examples.

The Playbook for Strategic Foresight & Innovation is free of charge and readily available online 


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