The Finnish game industry reaches two billion Euros

The core of the games industry (game development and services) increases by over 200 per cent from last year. Neogames and Tekes estimate this year's turnover at 800 million Euros.

The total value of the Finnish games industry (game development and services, corporate acquisition, tie-in merchandise, licence sales and investments) is now two billion Euros.

There are over 180 companies focusing on professional games business in Finland. A significant part of these companies have been in business less than two years. In addition to the metropolitan area, these companies – especially start-up companies – are situated in Tampere, Oulu and Kotka. The games business is also blooming in Turku and Joensuu. Development is centred on mobile games, but other platforms (PC, consoles, online) are also supported.

Even some large game publishers, such as Disney, EA Maxis, Ubisoft and Playground Publishing as well as game engine producer Unity, have set up offices in Finland due to the available high quality and versatile know-how.

The games industry is estimated to employ about 2,200 people of whom about 1,400 are employed by 20 of the largest companies. According to a survey for game companies, the need for professional workforce during the next year will be about 150 employees.

In the Game Business Event of the Tekes' Skene game programme on Tuesday, Neogames and Tekes published a study (English summary coming soon) comprising the creation and development of the game industry from the 1980s to the current day. Success has been accomplished through technological know-how, steady hobbyism and events like Assembly, tight networks and co-operation as well as Tekes' systematic and long-term funding bringing in foreign investments.


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