Tekes trims its organisation to become more agile

Tekes' new organisation model is just about ready. The Tekes board made decisions regarding the focus areas for the executive directors on Friday 21.12.

Tekes' new organisation has been outlined and guided by our principals of customer orientation, clear responsibilities and the organisation's ability to respond rapidly, efficiently and flexibly," states Pekka Soini, the Director General of Tekes since September.

In the new organisation subordinate to the Director General will be 11 focus areas, as well as internal auditing. Of the focus areas, three have been divided by customer segment, three by content focus, and five other areas are cross cutting fields of responsibility. The focus areas will be directed by the members of the Tekes Executive Group.

The new focus areas for the directors are as follows:

  • Jukka Häyrynen with the focus area for business start-up services
  • Martti Äijälä with the focus area for services for internationally oriented growth companies
  • Riikka Heikinheimo with the focus area for large business and public organisation services
  • Teija Lahti-Nuuttila with the focus area for natural resources and the sustainable economy
  • Minna Hendolin with the focus area of vitality of people
  • Reijo Kangas with the focus area for intelligent environments
  • Ari Grönroos with the focus area for funding guidance and support
  • Jenni Nevasalo with the focus area for working life and personnel development
  • Ulla Hiekkanen-Mäkelä with the focus area for marketing and communications
  • Hannu Kemppainen with the focus area for steering and international activities
  • Juha Sarkio with the focus area for general support services

"The agility of the new organisation is also illustrated by the fact that the directors are elected for a limited term, mostly for three years," Pekka Soini says.

"Working life and personnel development is an experimental area of responsibility, in which we combine the development of Finnish working life and the personnel development of Tekes. In this experiment, we are looking at new ways to develop these areas in parallel. At the same time, we encourage all organisations to set an example and to try out new ways of working," says Pekka Soini.

The transition to the new organisation will be prepared at the start of the year. The new organisation will come into effect on 1.4.2013.

"Customer service and the processing of funding applications will continue as normal the whole time. For us, it is particularly important to provide good customer service, and seamless continuation of our service through the period of change," assures Pekka Soini.

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