Tekes receives good evaluation from international experts

According to international evaluators, Tekes has succeeded well in its activities and is, based on an international comparison, one of the forerunners in the promotion of innovation activities. The evaluators put forward a group of development targets that can be used to further develop the activities.

"The evaluation provided by the international experts on Tekes is very good. The report includes a thorough review of the justification and need for Tekes’ existence. According to the evaluators, Tekes has functioned appropriately and generated impact," Veli-Pekka Saarnivaara, Director General of Tekes, comments on the main message of the report.

According to the evaluation group, led by Dutch Geert van der Veen, Tekes has functioned efficiently and its measures have contributed to an increase in research and development activities and the strengthening of cooperation between companies and research organisations. This has created competence and capabilities that improve the international competitiveness of Finnish companies.

Tekes has reacted to changes in the operational environment by renewing its strategy that, according to the evaluators, responds particularly well to challenges brought on by the renewing business structures and the needs of new businesses and growth companies.

The report contains roughly ten recommendations regarding aspects in which Tekes could improve its activities. The most central of these are strengthening support to internationalisation, closer cooperation with partnering organisations and more active participation in public debate.

"It is easy to agree with the recommendations given by the evaluators. They are very much in line with our self assessment. In our internal change programme, we will immediately begin to work on the recommendations to process them further into practical measures. For example, in the processing of funding applications, we aim to speed up operations by introducing an electronic process for handing the applications and by simplifying the process," states Saarnivaara.

According to customer feedback collected by the evaluators, almost all customers consider Tekes' processes and personnel to be of a very high quality and find that funding for the projects meets their needs.

"We at Tekes are very pleased about the international regard for Tekes and the good feedback received in the evaluation. I myself am happy to be able to leave a competent and well-functioning organisation to my successor Pekka Soini," says Veli-Pekka Saarnivaara, who is due to retire in September.

The evaluation was carried out by the international Technopolis Group upon commission by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Press release by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy 

Evaluation of Tekes (pdf)

Growth and wellbeing through renewal

Tekes strategy is to generate growth and wellbeing through renewal. Tekes funds research, development and innovation projects by organisations aiming at a forerunner status and seeks funding targets with the potential to have the greatest impact on the world around them.