Tekes receives Excellence Finland quality award 2012

Tekes is the winner of the Excellence Finland quality award 2012 in the public sector and non-profit organisations category. The award was presented to Director General Pekka Soini and Director Process Development Heikki Uusi-Honko by Speaker of the Parliament Eero Heinäluoma at the Excellence Finland gala on 8 November 2012.

The award is given based on an extensive and careful evaluation process relying on the European EFQM Excellence Model. In addition, Tekes also received the European Recognised for Excellence 5 stars award.

”This award was the upshot of long-term development of our operations and the fact that the work of Tekes employees reflects a shared goal and values. This is why the award really belongs to the entire organisation – each and every Tekes employee is entitled to be proud and delighted”, says Director General Pekka Soini.

Systematic development in the 2000s

Throughout the 2000s, Tekes has been developing its operating methods with the aim of producing more added value for the customers and society at large. The award evaluation group felt that Tekes' key strengths are shared values, a strong organisation culture as well as a comprehensive strategy and its systematic implementation.

Tekes’ service processes are efficient and their management is strategy-driven. The strategy is formulated in interaction with the stakeholders, and its goals are taken down to the personal level in the organisation.

Dialogue and low thresholds result in a strong organisation culture

A strong and participatory organisation culture – “a positive culture of asking questions” – is one of Tekes’ greatest strengths. According to the evaluation group, Tekes’ organisation culture is exceptionally strong and distinctive.

In Tekes, management is open and participatory. This is visible at all levels of the organisation. The staff have plenty of opportunities to take part in developing the strategy, activities and expertise. Management in Tekes is based on a strong trust on personnel expertise.

Customer-centeredness a cornerstone

The evaluation group found that Tekes’ operation stresses strong customer-centeredness, which is apparent both in the strategy and the practical work. Core processes that play a key role for the customers have been systematically developed since 1999. Their effectiveness is gauged by versatile indicators, and customer needs and expectations are understood as a central starting point for developing operations. Customer opinions are systematically monitored. Different customer groups are offered service packages that are tailored to their needs in cooperation with Tekes’ partners.

Further information

Director, Process Development Heikki Uusi-Honko
tel. +358 (0)50 557 7825

Executive Director Hannu Kemppainen
tel. +358 (0)50 557 7818

Communications Manager Sanna Nuutila
tel. +358 (0)50 557 7717

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