Tekes organizes Tempo pitching event at Slush

Tekes Tempo is looking for fresh business ideas that could be quickly tested and monetized in international markets.

For that we are offering  for companies participating in Slush a pitching opportunity to represent their ideas live for Tekes Tempo team.  In Tempo we have funded tens of start ups’ projects  aiming to fast growth and time to market.  The idea is to get the minimum viable product out and market-proof during Tempo project. Could your company get funding from Tekes? Come and pitch!

Tekes Tempo pitching


Thursday November 14th 10-16 at Slush investor area, Tekes/ Tempo desk

To whom?       

Finnish start-ups, less than two years old,  with a new business idea to be tested on the market


Tempo pithing event offers you possibility to get immediate feedback from Tempo jury to either go or no go for Tempo funding. Moreover, you get ideas, recommendations how to proceed with the idea


Registrations at Team Finland stand  in Slush.  Just tell us Tekes people that you want to pitch and leave your contact info and reserve a time when you want to pitch. For each company is reserved a  15 min. slot (5 min. for pitching plus another 5+5 minutes for questions and feedback.  Do not wonder! Act and use this one time opportunity to pitch your idea!

About Tempo

Tekes Tempo is geared towards quick, effective projects designed to get your minimum viable product out on international markets. After seeing validation from private funding, we select Finland’s most exciting new growth companies and invest a non-dilutive €100,000 grant to ensure they have the tools needed to properly build, test, and take their products or services worldwide.

In the past we had a focus on projects in the mobile sector, but today we selectively fund startups in any category that are highly scalable and can agilely respond to the results of a Tempo project.  Read more www.tekes.fi/tempo

Futher information:

Tuomas Henttonen, Tekes puh: 02950 55696

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