Tekes launches new Tempo funding

Tempo funding is expanding to all business sectors where lean development is needed.

Tekes' Tempo project was originally launched in 2011 as a project for market-oriented mobile services to grasp the new business opportunities created by the mobile revolution. The timing of Tempo was excellent, and over the last few years, mobile concepts have become a great global success story. Finnish companies have done particularly well in the games sector, but also in many other fields.

While Tempo was not originally directed at startups only, the greatest demand came from this group. The new Tempo specifically targets startup needs. While many of the beneficiaries are still on their way to success, others have made great progress.

Examples of Tempo funded companies that have moved on to Tekes funding for young innovative growth companies (YIC) include Kiosked, H2 Wellbeing’s HeiHeia and Booxmedia. Many others have also performed extremely well.

Feedback on Tempo has been positive, and many companies besides those developing mobile services have also shown interest in it. The new Tempo is now open to companies in all sectors.

Fast track to international markets

Tempo provides funding mainly for growth-oriented companies less than two years old. The company must have a committed team capable of developing the company at a fast pace. The company is also expected to have private investors, e.g. business angels, and it must be developing a product or a service of a totally new type that can be scaled rapidly in the international market.

Tempo funds projects in which collecting market feedback, a fast pace and cost-effectiveness play a major role. The projects typically involve bringing a new concept to customers who test it and provide feedback that supports product development.

The new Tempo will be launched during April.


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