Tekes boosted Finnish companies to international success

Last year, Finnish growth enterprises did well in many arenas. The majority of successful businesses were Tekes customers. This is another proof of the extremely high hit ratio of Tekes funding.

”With a small input – Tekes funding only represents some 3 per cent of enterprises’ R&D investments – we have made a major impact. More than 80 per cent of Tekes customers having implemented successful innovation activities say that Tekes funding was an important factor in their achievements”, says Pekka Soini, Director General of Tekes.
Last year, Tekes customers comprised some 2,200 companies as well as all universities and public research organisations in Finland.
”We received 2,900 funding applications and 1,700 enquiries through our sounding service. We granted funding amounting to a total of 570 million euros to 1,640 projects.  More than a half of our funding targeted services, whose significance in research, development and innovation activities has increased further”, Pekka Soini lists the figures from last year.
Of funding allocated to company projects, 68 per cent was targeted at SMEs. This also is a major increase from the year before.
Projects that concluded last year generated a total of 1,260 new or improved products, services or processes and nearly 1,000 patents or patent applications. SME projects are expected to result in a turnover totalling 6.2 billion euros in the target years of the projects.
There was a slight increase in the number of bankruptcies from the year before, but their share remains on a par with the corresponding figures in Finland in general.
”Without occasional flops, you cannot get hits, either”, Soini points out.
”What is essential in Tekes activities is inspiring our customers to reinvent themselves. Renewal is vital in order for Finland to stay ahead of the game. We encourage our customers to agility in experimenting with different things. We will also follow the same model of agile experimentation in our own activities this year”, says Pekka Soini.
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