Tekes and the Academy of Finland: SHOK concept shows development potential

The model for Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation is not yet complete but it's worth developing.

Bold experiments and choices are needed to develop the Finnish innovation system and to support the competitive ability of companies. The SHOK concept, initiated in 2007, was a bold move by the government. Companies in particular have been satisfied with the operational model offering them usable research information to fuel their business.

ʺIt is estimated that one of the big SHOK successes is the evolution of the forest cluster into the bio-economy cluster. SHOK has speeded up the evolution and redefinition of the entire sector. It is a very big deal the effects of which will be felt only after a long time,ʺ says Pekka Soini, the Director General of Tekes.

Public funding organisations are ready to change their operational models

ʺIt is a good thing that the SHOK concept assessment has been conducted. It brings up requirements for development on the basis of which the operational concept can be developed. We are ready to change our own ways of doing things to make the SHOK concept better”, says Director General Soini.

Heikki Mannila, President of the Academy of Finland believes that the published estimate shows that it is necessary to develop cooperation between the research and the business sectors. ʺIt is important to develop the model further and to remember that development of research, development and innovation activities is a huge package with a number of financing methods. The SHOKs are just one of the tools promoting these operations.ʺ

Tekes has funded SHOK research programmes for a total of 372.5 million euros in 2008–2012. Tekes financing accounts for around half of the sum. Around 40 per cent of SHOK financing is from companies and around ten per cent other public financing. In 2012 Tekes provided financing for a total of 116 million euros to SHOKs amounting to a fifth of all financing provided by Tekes.

The Academy of Finland has provided around 52 million euros of financing for SHOK research projects in 2012. Of the sum 23 million was granted for projects directly connected to SHOKs. In a separate private application process the Academy provided financing for SHOK projects for a total of 8 million in 2012. The themes of the application were drawn up in cooperation with the SHOKs.

Further information

Director General Pekka Soini, Tekes, tel. +358 2950 55700, pekka.soini(at)tekes.fi
Director Jussi Kivikoski, tel. +358 2950 55828, jussi.kivikoski(at)tekes.fi (12.2. and 14−15.2.)
Vice President for Research Marja Makarow, Academy of Finland, tel. +358 29 533 5002, marja.makarow(at)aka.fi

Tekes Communications, Communications Manager Pia Mörk, Tekes, tel. +358 50 5577 713, pia.mork(at)tekes.fi
Academy of Finland, Communications Unit, Communications Manager Riitta Tirronen, tel. +358 29 533 5118, riitta.tirronen(at)aka.fi


The report is also available on the website of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy


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