Tekes and Skolkovo launched new cooperation

Tekes and Skolkovo Foundation have started new concrete cooperation for small and medium-sized companies in Finland and Russia.

Tekes and Skolkovo announced recently in Moscow a Call for Proposals for joint R&D and innovation projects. The call was announced within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement signed between Skolkovo Foundation and Tekes in June 2013. Right now Tekes and Skolkovo are presenting the cooperation possibilities at Slush in Helsinki.

The main objective of the call is to launch projects with joint participation of companies from Russia and Finland and provide R&D&I funding to qualifying participants through the national funding programs. The target of the joint funding is to develop products, technology based services or methods which have strong market potential.

The first call will be open until February 28, 2014.

Companies based in Finland can get Tekes innovation funding for the joint project. The funding can cover part of the project's costs. Research organizations can participate as subcontractors.

Russian applicant must be Skolkovo resident company in one of the five respective clusters: Energy Efficiency, BioMedical, Information Technologies, Space and Nuclear Technologies.

The project must fit into one of the foresight directions at the date of applications. In order to be eligible for funding the project must meet the criteria set forth in the Skolkovo Foundation's Granting Policy.

Consultation in an early stage with Skolkovo in Russia and Tekes in Finland is highly recommended.

Applicants planning to execute a cooperative project file short common proposal in English language to both Tekes and Skolkovo. The common proposal is provided using a form which is available at

Tekes funding opportunities

Skolkovo financing opportunities

Via providing the afore mentioned proposal, project participants authorize Tekes and Skolkovo to exchange information about the project and its participants

For more information please contact

Mr. Pauli Noronen
Tel. +358 50 5577 863
pauli.noronen (at) tekes.fi

Ms. Anna Bezlepkina
Tel. +7 495 967 0148
abezlepkina (at) sk.ru

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