New Tekes programme helps companies to profit from emotions, experiences and meanings

The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes has traditionally been strongly associated with technology and knowledge. Now Tekes brings up the third element of competitiveness – intangible value creation based on experiences and meanings that customers add on different products and services.

”Emotions have always been part of everyday business. In Finnish companies it is still rather rare, however, to use emotions as the source of growth and innovation. Customer experience and emotions are not considered strategically significant drivers for company competitiveness in the same manner as, for example, technology is”, says Minna Suutari, Programme Manager of the new Tekes programme for intangible value creation.

New Tekes programme on intangible value creation wants to raise customer experience, emotions and meanings as key business drivers besides technology and expertise. The programme will challenge companies to think out of the box and look at their business operations and value chains starting from the customer’s perspective. The programme also encourages companies to look for new business models and earnings logics for competitive value creation on intangibles.

”In today’s world, a price or functional features of a product are no longer adequate in creating competitive edge. What customer desires are different benefits, or the elimination of worries in their lives. They pay for intangible outcomes like saving time, money and other resources, feelings of responsible action or happiness, or peace of mind, security and efficiency. New Tekes programme encourages companies to create customer value with innovative combinations of emotions, knowledge and other intangible assets”, Suutari continues.

Targeted programme customers are both SMEs striving for growth and globalisation and pioneering global companies that already have made intangible assets as their competitive edge.

The programme will run from November 2012 till the end of 2018. Its intended total scope will be some EUR 100 million, of which Tekes share will be approximately a half. In addition to emotions and customer experience, the programme encourages companies to exploit all of their intangible assets better, including brands, reputation and knowledge capital.

”Finland is one of the world’s leading countries in the level of intangible capital, but we are not able to profit from it as efficiently as other top countries. This is why emotions, experiences and other intangible assets offer unexploited business potential in Finland. We must be able to utilise intangibles better in order to create products and services of a high added value.  Understanding this change is a key goal of our programme”, explains Director Tiina Tanninen-Ahonen, who is responsible for the new programme in Tekes.

Further information:

Chief Adviser Minna Suutari
tel. +358 (0)50 557 7830

Director, Service Innovation Tiina Tanninen-Ahonen
tel. +358 (0)50 557 7894

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