Live TV broadcasting via mobile networks

Espoo-based start-up CloudStreet's service saves costs and enables visibility for a broader range of events than previously.

CloudStreet, recently spun off from Nokia Siemens Networks, replaces satellite connections and live reporting vans with solutions based on secured mobile network capacity. Its technology can be deployed directly with existing camera equipment and it can extend live TV reporting to mobile handsets with high quality cameras.

TV production companies can buy cost efficient, prioritized mobile network capacity. Mobile network operators benefit from the ability to sell uplink capacity at specific locations and specific time, instead of reserving capacity from the entire network.

"We are currently working with both parties to enable these new opportunities," says CEO Mika Skarp.

CloudStreet has recently completed an initial financing round, with VersoVentures and private investors complementing the investments made by the founders. The company has also received Tekes funding through the Innovation Mill program.

At the Innovation Mill, businesses take advantage of patents and ideas released e.g. by Nokia and NSN in the development and commercialisation of new products and services.

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Kaj Nordgren

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