Invitation to business development interview

Are you planning to start business or R&D&I cooperation in India? Should you? Join the Health India Gaselli project that helps companies accelerate their business or R&D&I collaboration in India by providing need-oriented tailored services and networking opportunities. The project is a joint effort of Finpro, Tekes, and FinNode India.

All you need to do now is to sign up for the interview in which you will get more information about the project and what it can offer to your organisation. You will then also have the opportunity to tell us about your company's plans towards India, and let us know your needs so that we will be able to plan the rest of the Gaselli project to best serve companies.

The Gaselli project consists of the following phases (subject to modifications according to companies' needs):

1. Company interviews, 23.-25.5. and 6.-10.6. Interviews will (mainly) be done in Tekes, Kyllikinportti 2, Helsinki, and will last for about an hour.

Selection of companies for the next phase

2. Preparation and planning in Finland, June–September 2011

Getting prepared for the next phase

3. Bootcamp in Finland, 2-3 days, Oct. 2011

Selection of companies for the next phase

4. Networking and working in India for 1-3 months, Dec. 2011-Feb. 2012

Utilising service providers (incubation, business development, pr, marketing, sales, operations, recruiting, legal, accounting, etc.)

Target group of the Health India Gaselli

The project has a broad scope on Finnish healthtech- or biotech-related companies aiming to start or interested in starting business or further developing an existing business in India in near future. Companies may be active in many various business segments, e.g. diagnostics, medical devices, raw material or component providers, health ICT, health services, etc. The status of the companies may also vary a lot, they may be young or more established companies, small or large. The critical requirement is that the company will be able to allocate sufficient resources for the project.

Sign up for the interview by sending an E-mail to heli.pasanen-zentz (at) AND maija.halkosaari (at)
– latest on May 18 if you want to be interviewed on May 23, 24, or 25.
– latest on May 25 if you want to be interviewed on June 6 - 10.

When registering, please provide the following information:
– name of the organisation
– name(s) and contact info of the person(s) to be interviewed
– preferred date of the interview.

You will be contacted after registration re. the exact timing and practical arrangements.

Looking forward to meeting you in the interview,

Best regards,

Auli Pere
Chief Technology Adviser, Ph.D.
Life Science Industries
Bio and Health Technologies
Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation
Tel. +358 10 605 5799
GSM +358 50 5577 799
Fax: +358 10 605 5904
auli.pere (at)

Additional information about the Health India Gaselli Project available also from:

Anna Erkkilä
Head of Finland Trade Center, Finpro India, Mumbai
Tel. +919920865889
anna.erkkila (at)

Heli Pasanen-Zentz
Senior Consultant, Finpro France, Paris
Phone +33 1 5856 5305
Mobile +33 6 03 81 44 50
heli.pasanen-zentz (at)

Harri Ojansuu
Senior Technology Adviser, Tekes and ELY Centre, Turku
Tel. +358 40 8374322
harri.ojansuu (at)

Kari Herlevi
Senior Technology Adviser
+358 10 605 5656
+358 50 557 7656
kari.herlevi (at)


Anna-Maija Ikonen