Internationalisation Awards of the President of the Republic of Finland presented

President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö has presented the 2012 Internationalisation Awards to Blancco, Rovio and L-Fashion Group.

Joensuu-based Blancco has become a global market leader in data erasure. The company's customer base includes the European Commission, European Parliament, NATO, SAP, Oracle, Al-Jazeera television network and many of the world's largest financial institutions.

Blancco has grown at an annual pace of more than 30 percent throughout the 2000s and is aiming to continue this development in the future as well.

Tekes has granted Blancco funding for research, development and innovation and the company has participated twice Global Access Program (GAP) aimed at Tekes' customers. "We would not exist without Tekes," says CEO Kim Väisänen.

Rovio is the first Finnish company to succeed in building a global entertainment brand. One sign of its enormous success is the fact that the Angry Birds game reached the milestone of one billion downloads last year. Established in Lahti in 1907, L-Fashion Group’s journey to becoming Finland's largest and most internationally successful fashion industry company is proof of its continuity and adaptability.

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Kaj Nordgren

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