International Team Targets Innovations in STEM Learning

U.S–Finnish collaboration through Science Across Virtual Institutes (SAVI) brings the strengths of each country to bear on improving science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in K-16 classrooms.

A new research collaboration between the two countries is aimed at advancing the best ideas from both sides of the ocean, with the goal of bringing new innovations to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in environments from kindergarten through undergraduate education.

Coordinated by Eric Hamilton at Pepperdine University on the U.S. side and Jari Multisilta of Helsinki University on the Finnish side, this collaboration – titled Innovations in Learning and Education – encompasses eight different yet complementary projects, each with U.S. and Finnish team members, with funding from NSF, Tekes and the Academy of Finland.

The projects together represent a combined U.S. – Finnish investment of about $4 million in grant awards under the Science Across Virtual Institutes (SAVI) effort. "Each team has different research objectives and goals, but all of the teams share a vision to foster deep and immersive engagement in learners and learner communities," said Hamilton.

For Tekes, the cooperation is part of the Learning Solutions programme that combines solutions for businesses, learning in schools and educational institutions, and research aiming at the development of know-how. In this partnership programme, Tekes will, together with other co-funders, fund project entities or value network projects related to themes that are agreed upon on an annual basis. The aim of the programme is to develop nationally significant learning solutions in cooperation with actors in the field, develop new methods, create new competence and develop products, services and comprehensive solutions for international markets.

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