Weconomy Start 2014

Weconomy Start 2014 is looking for new companies - join us today!

Submission of applications for Weconomy Start Global Innovation Program is ongoing. The program is for companies willing to carry out responsible business operations at BOP market. The market in question consist of four billion people globally, who live with less than five euro per day. Together their purchasing power is worth 5 trillion USD.

Program’s benefits for companies:

  • Developing and testing an innovative business idea in the target market
  • Deep knowledge on India’s and Sri Lanka’s grass root level needs and the special characteristics of BOP business
  • Contacts to local communities and officials
  • A successful business idea can be scaled up globally

The pilot round of Weconomy Start 2013 was a success. Read about the inspiring experiences of the participants here: http://www.worldvision.fi/yrityksille/weconomy-start/finnish-companies-save-the-world-with-business

Come and welcome new growth for your company in global markets and join us in saving the world with business. Contact us today!

Juha-Erkki Mäntyniemi, COO & Innovation Dierctor p. +358 40 528 0560, juha-erkki.mantyniemi@worldvision.fi

Maija Seppälä, Weconomy Project Manager
p. +358 96 818 3013, maija.seppala@worldvision.fi

Read more about Weconomy Start Global Innovation Progamme here http://www.worldvision.fi/yrityksille/weconomy-start