Forestcluster Ltd is now Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster FIBIC Oy

Forestcluster Ltd, the Strategic Centre for the forest sector, is expanding its activities from research focused on the forest industry also towards other areas of the bio-based economy. As a result of the metamorphosis it is now Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster FIBIC Oy.

Forestcluster Ltd established in 2007, is one of Finland’s six Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation. Its shareholders are companies in the forest cluster, as well as research institutes and universities.

“Finland is very well placed to be in the forefront in sustainable development and the bio-based economy,” said Christine Hagström-Näsi, CEO of Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster FIBIC Oy.

“In the future, bio-based industries will make more extensive use of forest resources, and also other important types of sustainable biomass such as recycled materials. The metamorphosis towards the bio-based economy is a logical result of the work that we have been doing since the company was founded five years ago.”

FIBIC has evolved as a result of ongoing trends. Global challenges, such as climate change and scarcity of natural resources provide significant opportunities to create new businesses. The sustainable bio-based economy of the future will diversify and expand the portfolio of forest-based products.

FIBIC aims to cover also other than forest-based sources of biomass, and includes a wider base of actors in research in order to enable development of efficient and integrated concepts of the future bio-based economy.

“Sufficient investments in research will ensure that the new products and services meet the diverse requirements of markets and consumers.” adds Christine Hagström-Näsi.

The board members of Forestcluster Ltd have played a central role in the process. "We have been active participants in planning the change and all the shareholders are fully committed to the new company and its operations,” said Juha Mäkimattila, chairman of the board of the Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster FIBIC Oy.

More information

Christine Hagström-Näsi
Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster FIBIC Oy
Tel. +358 50 322 240, christine.hagstrom-nasi(at)

Juha Mäkimattila
Stora Enso Plc
Tel. +358 40 740 3757, juha.makimattila(at)

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