Finnish BIM know-how of interest to China

Glodon Software Company Limited and Gravicon Ltd signed a co-operation agreement in Beijing, China on September 11th. The purpose of the agreement is to exchange of information and to develop Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes and related technologies.

The VP of R&D at Glodon, Dr. Robert Yuan, and Gravicon’s VP of R&D, Tomi Henttinen signed the agreement.

"This agreement is an important step in our internationalization strategy. Our goal is to promote BIM in China and explore ways to use the software produced by the involved parties. In China, the advanced use of BIM is concentrated to the construction phase. In Finland, instead, BIM is used for the entire project lifecycle from early planning through to construction and commissioning. The size of the projects in China is also quite different than in Finland, so it opens up an opportunity for us to learn how to use BIM in large projects" says Henttinen of Gravicon.

"Our project management software called Modelspace has awakened great interest in projects that use BIM" adds Managing Director Pauli Jantunen of Gravicon. "Our goal is to get Modelspace widely adopted internationally. So far, we have had great support from Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation – for our development, and we will continue this collaboration as we expand into international markets. At the same time, the co-operation with other software companies and international actors gives us a greater ability to manage international projects."

Lion Partners has been advisor to the contract and the contact company in China. "The local adviser has played a crucial role in the co-operation process. Without the local knowledge and contacts of Lion Partners, many things would have been difficult, if not impossible" concludes Henttinen.

Finnish special expertise is in demand right now in China. Earlier in the same week a Finnish business delegation led by the Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen and Minister of the Environment Ville Niinistö signed nine co-operation agreements with Chinese partners. The purpose of co-operation is to improve the living environment, especially air quality in Beijing.

For more information:

Pauli Jantunen, Managing Director, pauli.jantunen(at), +358 50 38 33 789
Tomi Henttinen, Director of Research and Development, tomi.henttinen(at) , +358 400 760 660
Mikko Puhakka / Lion Partners , mikko(at), +86 188 0128 4730
Kari Hiltunen, Tekes, Councelor, Science and Technology, kari.hiltunen(at) +86 1391 1874 947