Tekes Call of Electromobility emphasizes Nordic Collaboration

Tekes and the EVE Programme sees Nordic collaboration as an essential step in promoting electric vehicles, services and systems, also counting Estonia. Tekes includes in the EVE Call process also Nordic collaboration projects.

Thus, the Call will fund projects with partners from one, two, three or even more countries, and Tekes will fund only the Finnish partners. The Finnish partners of Nordic consortia can apply for Tekes support, and the Swedish and Norwegian partners apply from their sources as described below.

The schedule of the Call is as follows:

  • Oct 2013: Deadline for applications on individual projects, for Tekes it is 31.10.2013.
  • Dec 2013: Tekes decisions on funding of the projects for 2014–2015 will be given. 

The criteria for EVE projects are as follows:

  • R&D and demo projects shall be funded for convincing implementing consortia
  • The business/enterprise approach is important, and the applicants shall be companies with very few exceptions accepted
  • A diverse composition of consortia is preferable: large, small and medium sized companies and research organisations together, research mainly carried out as external services
  • Concrete goals and high quality of the project plan

The Nordic countries and Estonia are forerunners in electromobility in many areas. A transnational Nordic effort has a good potential to bring significant results in the propagation of environmentally friendly and intelligent electromobility.

Partnerships of Finnish applicants with Swedish and Norwegian companies and research organisations are encouraged. The Swedish partners can apply for public funding from the Swedish Energy Agency and the Call closes on 16 October 2013. The Norwegian partners can apply for public funding from Transnova, and the Calls close on 11 October 2013.
In order to find partners in Finland, interested parties from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Estonia are encouraged to contact the Programme Coordinator Markku Antikainen, markku.antikainen(at)virebit.com, tel. +358 405 705 556.

Links to the Calls in Sweden and Norway
Sweden: Demonstrationsprogram för elfordon 2011-2017 
Norway:  Call P3-2-2013 Åpen utlysning / Call P4-2013 Miljøteknologi