Cooperation towards Cleaner Environment

Tekes Groove programme brought together Finnish and Chinese Cleantech professionals 11.-14.6.2013. The group visited the cities of Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti. Internationality and cooperation were on the minds of about 20 Chinese and 50 Finnish participants.

The idea behind the Roadshow is to create sparkle of collaboration between small and medium enterprises, for which it might be otherwise challenging to find suitable partners from new markets. The collaboration is found from Jiangsu province, which is the driver of Chinese economy.  Building international relations and launching international cooperation is part of the Jiangsu province strategy, with focus areas in Cleantech, Nanotech and ICT. With Groove-programme the cooperation started already in 2011, when Finnish match making -delegation visited Jiangsu.

In match making -events companies from mutual fields of interest get to plan possible future ways of collaboration. ”Face-to-face meetings are the most fruitful for building the relations, when Chinese partners actually get to know the Finnish people and build trust. They are no longer just names in emails”, comments the leader of Chinese delegation Mr. Li Ziyang. The cooperation started well: during the four day visit three MoU:s were signed between partners.

Finland has answers to China’s challenges

“Finnish companies are high-tech. The products are really good and have a great reputation. As is the R&D-sector and Universities. You have the tech, we have the markets. This a great opportunity for Finnish companies to enter Chinese markets”,  says Mr. Li Ziyang. There was also interest in entering European and Russian markets together with Finnish companies.

“Finnish technology strong-points hold the answers to the biggest challenges in China: Air quality, Water management and Watershed purification and Energy efficiency in industrial processes and residential buildings”, comments Jarmo Heinonen from Tekes Shanghai office. “China has a large focus on international cooperation and they are ready to invest big. Finnish companies are raising interest, and we are among the top three most markable foreign collaboration partners of China."

China is going Green

The attitudes in China are clearly moving towards green. Mr. Li Ziyang says: “China needed the economic growth to happen first before understanding the environmental issue. Jiangsu is a wealthy and educated province; here the importance of environment is already being noted. In the future Jiangsu province will have a high amount of Cleantech. It is growing and developing all the time. The area offers many opportunities and will continue its’ growth for a long time.”

In addition the waken social media Weibo has been the platform where the people have gotten their voice heard, dissatisfaction out loud and people moving. The air quality problems in Beijing raised so much discussion in Weibo, that the government had to set tighter emission limits and actually shut down factories located in the city center.

“In 2012 China’s investements in Cleantech exceeded the ones in United States. The times when China had to be pushed to commit to emission agreements are far behind. In the future when discussing climate change issues, China will be taking the lead and lead the way”,  belives Jarmo Heinonen.

The cooperation between Groove programme and Jiangsu is continuing by Finnish delegation visit to Jiangsu this November.

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Tekes Shanghai Jarmo Heinonen
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Text: Marleena Ahonen

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