Monkeys teach math to children in primary school

In early November, a young Finnish company, Ltd published a math learning solution that can be used in school alongside traditional learning material. is a digital learning tool designed for day care and primary school use that can be deployed as a cloud service. It is designed to be used on computers and tablets in the classroom and also encourages practising at home.

The application contains hundreds of mathematical problems in a fun monkey world. The mathematical content for the software was designed by researcher Lisen Häggblom, a specialist in the didactics of mathematics.

Finnish expertise in education out into the world

The company behind the game anticipated that the demand for user-oriented digital learning solutions would see explosive growth in the next few years, as the technological capacity of schools is improved. Learning material in digital form will become more widely spread, and traditional textbooks will be used alongside the new material.

"From an international viewpoint, the value of the e-learning business is already expressed in billions. We see Finland as having huge potential in this sector, particularly due to our pedagogical and technological expertise. wants to export Finnish expertise in education out into the world in a compact package," says company CEO Katri Björklund. is part of Tekes' Learning Solutions programme that brings together learning solutions by companies, learning in schools and educational institutions and research, with the aim of generating international business.

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Katri Björklund, CEO, Ltd
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Pekka Ollikainen, Programme Manager, Learning Solutions programme, Tekes
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