A new, common direction for green business in Finland


A new, common direction for green business in Finland

According to research results published at the Green Growth Summit held on 6 June 2012, Finland has outstanding opportunities to become an international success in green business. Minister Häkämies states that companies expect a long-term outlook in public policy.

At the behest of Tekes, University of Rotterdam professor Jan Rotmans spent the spring researching Finland's opportunities for green growth. In his opinion, green business can bring substantial growth to the Finnish economy. In addition to innovative solutions, a common national vision is also needed: "Growth in green business requires drastic changes in production and lifestyles. Policy lays the foundation for such changes. Finland's long history of innovation and its high level of expertise, not to mention an extensive base of experts, put Finnish companies in an excellent position to take the international lead in this sector. But Finland also needs a clear vision – one that unites multiple fields – as to what green growth aims to achieve."

In his speech, Minister of Economic Affairs Jyri Häkämies raised the issue of legal obstacles that impede growth. According to Häkämies, various permit procedures, among others, should be harmonised. On the other hand, public administration and policymaking requires long-term outlooks, as changes to public policy always take resources from companies.

Tekes' Green Growth programme helps Finnish enterprises in establishing sustainable business models.

"Resource efficiency and the wise use of natural resources provide a sustainable competitive edge. Market demand requires sustainable development: The competitiveness of a given product is affected by how it is produced and what raw materials are used in producing it. Taking sustainable development into consideration in business will generate sustainable economic growth in Finland," says Teija Lahti-Nuuttila, Director, Energy and Environment Industries at Tekes.

The seminar also announced the thirty key players which have thus far joined the "Promise campaign", which was launched in April. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Tekes challenged ministries and numerous public sector organisations to make a concrete promise as to what measures they would take to promote Finland's leadership in environmental business as part of sustainable economic growth.

The Promise process will continue by challenging companies, municipalities and other actors to join. The goal is to make a road map for sustainable economic growth that will make Finland a world leader in the green economy.

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