ITEA 3 Project Outline Preparation Days 2014

On 23 September, the first Call for project proposals of the EUREKA Cluster Programme ITEA 3 will open in conjunction with the ITEA Project Outline (PO) Preparation Days in Amsterdam on 23 and 24 September.
Date: Tue 23.09.2014 - Wed 24.09.2014

This event will be a stepping stone for interested organisations to start preparing a PO, to learn and discuss about new project ideas, meet and partner up with consortium members and find out more about the Call details.

ITEA funding is granted by Tekes in Finland.

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Contact us

Mr Kari Penttinen, ITEA 3 contact
Tel. +35850 5577 916

Mr Hannu Nurmi, ITEA 3 contact
Tel. +35850 5577 771

ITEA is the EUREKA Cluster programme supporting innovative, industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D projects in the area of Software-intensive Systems & Services (SiSS). SiSS are a key driver of innovation in Europe's most competitive industries, such as automotive, communications, healthcare, aerospace and consumer electronics.

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