New knowledge and business from research ideas: application for research funding 1/2015

Application period: Thu 01.01.2015 - Thu 05.03.2015

Tekes asks proposals for New knowledge and business from research ideas projects.

Project aims

  • promote the development of a new idea and
  • prepare its commercialisation as a new business

The requirements set for the project

  • New business that the project aims at through preparation for commercialisation must be significant by its extent. The application must include an estimate about the extent of new business envisaged.
  • The purpose of the preparation for commercialisation is to find out possible paths of utilisation for the research results and help in selecting the most promising paths and ways to advance either in a new company to be established or as new business in an already existing company. In the project, several alternative commercialisation opportunities must always be examined.
  • The aim of the project must not be direct preparation of new business for a single company.
  • The plan and resource allocation for commercialisation should be realistic and credible. The application must describe the competences and past references of the persons responsible for commercialisation.
  • If one of the options for the preparation for commercialisation is establishment of a new company, the formation of the team for the new company must be presented. In addition, there must be a description about how the persons and competences needed in the new company can be committed to the activities of the company.
  • The applicant must have sufficient rights for the utilisation of the background material and emerging research results to allow the commercialisation of knowledge and competences. The research organization must have the option to grant the rights related to the results to those who undertake to commercialise the idea after the project.
  • The part that the preparation for commercialisation plays in the projects is significant, amounting to 30% or more of the project costs.
  • If the applicant organization has its own process to evaluate the commercialisation of research ideas, it is to the project's advantage if it has been evaluated and approved by that process.

Arguments in favour of funding include surveys and activities carried out in the project background about the possibilities for commercialisation.

Activities in the preparation of commercialisation that are eligible for funding include

  • level of technology mapping and novelty searches
  • quantification of customer value
  • identification of competing solutions
  • freedom-to-operate searches and surveys of intangible rights related to the area concerned
  • protection of intangible rights (excluding maintenance fees, however), proof of concept for the idea to be commercialised
  • identification of funding models
  • identification of business models

How to apply?

To apply for funding, please submit an online application via Tekes Online Services by 5th March 2015.

Further information

Financial Manager Asko Vesanto
tel. +358 (0)29 50 55747
asko.vesanto (at)

Director, Startup companies Janne Viemerö
tel. +358 (0)29 50 55848
janne.viemero (at)