Call for research funding applications for BEAM (Business with Impact) Programme by Tekes and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Tekes and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' BEAM - Business with Impact – programme is launching a call for research proposals for innovations meeting the needs of developing countries and providing Finnish companies with new business opportunities in the growing markets of such countries. The innovations in question can involve technology, service, business or social innovations, for example.
Application period: Tue 10.02.2015 - Tue 28.04.2015

The applications are not restricted to particular technologies and the target countries can be any of the developing countries listed as eligible for official development assistance by the OECD/DAC (except China)

Two types of projects are eligible

  1. Multidisciplinary research projects involving networking with the private sector, which are being implemented within research organisations (universities, institutions of higher education, research institutes or universities of applied sciences). The funding contribution made by the potential beneficiaries (companies) of the research projects' results must cover at least 10 % of the project costs. SMEs can also make funding contributions based on their own work input.
    Further information on projects involving networking with the private sector

  2. Joint projects involving companies and research organisations, in which the applicants can be companies, non-governmental organisations (in a role supporting companies, providing information and expertise on the practices and culture of developing countries) and research organisations (universities, higher education institutions, research institutes and universities of applied sciences). In joint projects, companies, non-governmental organisations and research institutes work together on projects whose content is based on private sector research needs.
    Further information on joint projects

The application should identify and describe a challenge/problem facing developing countries to which new solutions are being sought based on innovations which can be further developed and commercialised by Finnish companies.

Such networked projects should also involve tangible cooperation – of which a thorough description must be given in the application – with a university or research institute in a developing country. Other international cooperation will be viewed as an advantage. The application should also specify how cooperation with the developing country will serve to commercialise the research results and innovations in partnership with Finnish companies.

Additional information

Sparring Day 17 March 2015, Tekes (Kyllikinportti 2, Helsinki)
Tekes will organise an event at which applicants can engage in brief, one-on-one sparring and feedback sessions with Tekes' experts. Watch the BEAM website for further instructions on booking times and preparing for the sessions.

Pia Salokoski, Programme Manager
tel. +358 50 5577 672

Christopher Palmberg, Chief Adviser
tel. +358 50 5577 966

Tuomo Suortti, Senior Technology Adviser
tel. +358 50 5577 855