Call for project proposals from research organisations – public research aimed at promoting business innovation under the theme of Sustainable Growth

Through Team Finland’s Sustainable Growth campaign, Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) and its partners are looking for new types of projects that will create entirely new innovations for the cleantech and bioeconomy markets.
Application period: Tue 10.02.2015 - Tue 28.04.2015

Tekes's call for project proposals from research organisations in the Sustainable Growth campaign is mostly based on business-driven parallel projects and cross-scientific public research projects. Projects must be planned in close cooperation with companies and the business sector. The projects' contents and goals must be based on commercial research needs.

The objective of the call is to find ideas for projects that increase the know-how of businesses and the innovation environment in the fields of bioeconomy and cleantech. The aim is to support businesses' ability to reinvent themselves and become more competitive internationally. Priority is given to developing know-how that will support the international growth of SMEs. Another goal is to promote cooperation between businesses and research organisations in order to bring about new innovations and increase know-how.

Tekes encourages the applicants also to make efficient use of various funding sources and to design a path towards international cooperation. For example EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 offers lots of opportunities in the field of cleantech and bioeconomy. Tekes hosts the official information office, EUTI, for EU R&I in Finland. EUTI offers support and general guidance in finding calls, application procedures and managing projects. For more information on H2020 call topics for 2016-2017, please contact EUTI experts.

Project types:

  1. Business-driven parallel projects:
    Business-driven networked projects that can include the parallel research and development projects of both SMEs and large corporations. A parallel project can also be a project coordinated by a research organisation if the research organisation's project supports the businesses' research topic, and if wide use can be made of its outcomes.

  2. Multidisciplinary research projects:
    Public projects coordinated by research organisations that take into account commercial research and innovation needs and that are funded as public research networked with companies. The goal is to generate broad-based public research projects stemming from commercial needs with outcomes that businesses can make wide use of.

Special attention must be given to how the outcomes and new know-how generated by projects can be used to benefit Finnish businesses and the innovation environment. In particular, it is hoped the call will generate projects that will create entirely new innovations for the cleantech and bioeconomy markets as well as piloting and demonstration projects for operating models, products and services.

Eligibility criteria especially for cross-scientific research projects:

  1. The call focuses on the bioeconomy and cleantech markets, and its aim is to promote national strategies relating to these fields.

  2. In order to be eligible for funding, projects must be scientifically challenging and aimed at creating entirely new innovations for the cleantech and bioeconomy markets.

  3. Applicants must ensure that the objectives of their research proposals are in line with other research and development objectives in the these fields. Special attention must be given to the research-related work of the Strategic Research Council, the Academy of Finland and Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation.

  4. Projects must be planned in cooperation with businesses and be based on commercial research needs and businesses' views of the topic. Participation notices submitted by businesses will be an important element in the project evaluation process. Tekes will evaluate project proposals on the basis of their impact on the participating businesses' know-how, their innovativeness and the usability of their outcomes.

    All businesses participating in projects must answer the following questions in their participation notices:
    • What are the most important know-how needs identified by the business that will ensure its ability to reinvent itself and make it competitive in this field internationally?
    • How will the outcomes of the research project increase the business's know-how?
    • How will the business make use of the outcomes of the research project in practice?
    • Businesses' participation notices must be submitted to Tekes by 28 April 2015 at the latest.

  5. Project coordinators' research plans must clearly explain how the outcomes of the research project will be made use of.

  6. In the case of cross-scientific public research projects, businesses' financial contribution must amount to at least 10% of the project's approved budget.
  7. In the application form all applicants select participation in the Green Growth programme for identifying the applications for the call.

An information event relating to the call will be held on 13 February 2015 in Helsinki, and interested parties in other regions can take part in the event remotely. The event will also be streamed live on the internet, and the webcast will remain available on the website afterwards.

Tekes will organise special brainstorming sessions in Tampere, Oulu and Helsinki in March, where prospective project coordinators can discuss their proposals.

Decisions about the projects that will receive funding will be made by the end of June 2015.


Additional information

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Director, Large Companies and Public Organisations
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kimmo.kanto (at)

Hanna Rantala, Senior Adviser
tel. +358 50 5577 797
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