Mobility Operator Call 2015: Prestudies

Application period: Mon 02.02.2015 - Fri 27.02.2015

By using modern digital solutions, Mobility Operators can provide us seamless and smooth door-to-door mobility services, comprising several travel modes. Mobility Operators offer a door-to-door service, for example, through a smart phone application, where users can see, book, pay, and follow the realization of the travel chain.

Mobility operators compete with each other and with other mobility solutions, such as car ownership. To succeed in this competition, mobility operators need to have a strong user orientation. User orientation will be underlined in the evaluation process.

The door-to-door services need to be scalable. It should scale to different user groups and to other cities and countries. From the users' perspective, the multimodal door-to-door services should also include long-haul transportation between cities or countries. This way, users can meet all their mobility needs through a single mobility operator.

The open call for mobility operator business has two parts. The first part, the open call for prestudy projects, aims to fund ideas that will evolve into applications for the open call for consortium projects. The second part, the open call for consortium projects, will fund the demonstration of the mobility operator business. Applicants can also apply for the second open call only. Decisions on funding are made as applications are submitted.

Applications for prestudy projects will be made according to special instructions. Prestudy projects should include the formation of the consortium, as well as preliminary plans for the business model and technologies. The application should already include an idea of a demonstration, but demonstrations will be further developed during prestudy projects. Prestudy projects are maximum 100.000 € of size, of which Tekes grant will be 50 %.

The open call begins on Monday the 2nd February 2015 and applications should be submitted by Friday the 27th February 2015.

Additional information:

Sonja Heikkilä, puh. +358 50 5577 694, sonja.heikkila(at)
Tom Warras, puh. +358 50 5577 839, tom.warras(at)