Minna Hendolin: Finland is becoming a leading country for personalized health care

Finland has received a significant trump card in the competition of investments and new business internationally in the health sector: we have created a common vision of public and private actors about steps for the growth of the research and innovation sector.

Three ministries (Employment and the Economy, Social Affairs, Education), as well as Tekes and the Academy of Finland in cooperation with the actors of the health sector have created a new research and innovation health growth strategy. This is the first time when ministries have together examined the health sector from the perspective of the growth strategy of innovation and business, as well as committed to a joint action plan.

The strategy has been set as a goal that Finland would become an internationally recognised pioneer for research and innovation, investments and new business of the health sector, for the benefit of health, well-being, and capabilities.

When we get new companies, growing revenue, international investments, and partnerships for the health sector, and Finnish health care gets better access to the newest treatment methods, citizens will also obtain new ways to maintain their health. Thus, everyone will benefit.

One key reason for making the strategy is that, although Finland has invested considerable resources for health-related research, and has risen to the top of world knowledge in many sectors in the health branch, research investment however has not been able to be fully utilised either socially or in business. Finland has an excellent opportunity to become a leading country for personal health care and for business related thereto. This is now realistic.

Tekes, as a funder of innovation, has an important role in meeting these objectives. Tekes has already briskly taken up, among others, by launching a new programme for preparation of individualised health care in the area, as well as by employing the Horizon 2020 programme with respect to utilising the plan. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy made a significant guideline in the spring spending limits by raising the health area as one of the public capital investment priorities.

The Finnish innovation system is internationally recognised as one of the world's most developed ecosystems of the branch. At present, in a challenging economic situation, this machinery must be tuned even more effectively and to boldly seek new growth in the ever-growing health field. Together, we will surely do this!

Director Minna Hendolin
Vitality of people, Tekes


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