Theme search: New media age leads to novel business concepts and models

Application period: Tue 19.08.2014 - Tue 30.09.2014

Present your idea by applying to take part in the theme search jointly run by Tekes and Yle.

How can your company benefit from new media in terms of generating growth and business renewal? Can your business capitalise on digitisation and new ways of using media? Present your idea to us and receive business advice and funding to develop your idea!

The aim of the theme search is to identify innovative ways in which new media can be transformed into genuine business opportunities for startup and existing businesses. Think differently and dare to stand out from the crowd!

The theme search is aimed at businesses targeting international growth and is not confined to any specific area of industry.

The Tekes theme search is being carried out in partnership with Yle – Finland's national broadcasting company. Yle is seeking to consolidate its role as a developer of new ideas in the media industries and is bringing together industry experts in its Helsinki and Tampere headquarters. Both the Pasila Studios and Tampere's Mediapolis are important players in the development of Finland's creative ecosystems.

With its Feelings programme, Tekes continues to support Finnish companies working across the range of media industries to rise to the challenges of the new media age by funding development work on new business concepts and models. Applications that meet Tekes' funding criteria are eligible for some of the approximately EUR 2 million in funding that the Tekes Feelings programme provides for research and development projects in this area. The form and extent of Tekes financial support is determined by the content and scope of a project, as well as by the parties involved.

What types of ideas should be presented in the theme search?

Potential business ideas can relate to many things: for example a client's value or redefining a value chain, new technology-based solutions, gamification, new forms of storytelling, experiential encounters, crowd-sourcing or interactive content production (NOTE! Funding is not intended for the development of new programme ideas).

Media companies seeking growth and internationalisation are encouraged to send an application if their business idea

  • capitalises on new opportunities afforded by digitisation and e-commerce
  • creates new working methods as well as new business and earning models
  • updates existing distribution channels or utilises new kinds of distribution channel
  • capitalises on inter- and intra-industry networks and partnerships in an unprecedented way

Why should you present your idea in the Tekes and Yle theme search?

Tekes and Yle will be evaluating the theme search applications together and rewarding the best ideas with a 1-2 day advice clinic in which your company will receive assistance in business development. This advice clinic will help your company prepare a funding application for a Tekes research and development project that promotes growth and internationalisation. Yle offers an advising service, whereby its experts offer their opinions on what kinds of solutions and tools will be required in the media industry success stories of the future.

The theme search also offers valuable media coverage via Tekes' media channels.

How will the theme search process proceed?

  • The theme search begins on 19 August 2014 and ends on 30 September 2014.
  • Tekes and Yle evaluate the received applications between 1 and 31 October 2014 before announcing the winners. As part of the evaluation process, some of the applicants will be invited to a special event to deliver their pitch.
  • The best ideas will then be announced in November 2014.

The manner in which the idea is presented in the application is informal and up to the presenter. The method of presentation can include, for example, a diagram, animation, visual presentation or video. It is essential that the concept behind the idea and that the party or parties intending to realise the idea can be clearly identified.

Send your idea to Tekes by 30 September 2014 using our secure transaction channel. From the message topic options, select 'Other, what?' and then type 'New media age + your company name' in the field below.

Meet potential cooperation partners

Tekes and Yle will organise a networking event during the application period. The event will be held on 2 September 2014 at the LOFT in Helsinki. This event is intended to promote the kinds of partnerships that will help the companies in attendance implement the ideas they have presented in the theme search. Another event held on 3 September 2014 at Mediapolis in Tampere offers your company the opportunity to meet Tekes experts, present your ideas, and get more information on the idea search and/or Tekes funding. For more information on these events and registration matters, please visit and Events.

For more information on the theme search, please contact the following persons

Minna Suutari, Programme Manager
Feelings programme
minna.suutari (at)
tel. +358 (0)2950 55830

Anna Alasmaa
Chief Technology Adviser
anna.alasmaa (at)
tel. +358 (0)2950 36039

Anssi Komulainen
Chief Partnership Officer
anssi.komulainen (at)
tel. +358 (0)400 129524