New knowledge and business from research ideas 1/2014

Tekes is asking for applications for the "New knowledge and business from research ideas" research funding.

Application deadline: February 28, 2014

The goal of the "New knowledge and business from research ideas" research funding is to fund market-oriented research projects and to create new internationally competitive companies from the high-level competence of the research organisations.

Tekes can fund projects carried out by a research organisation or a company operating in Finland.

The projects to be funded include two elements:

1) The project produces knowledge and competence that are significant for utilising a research idea. Typically, the nature of the Research can be very applied but not straightforward product development.

2) Alongside research, the commercialisation of the concept is prepared as a new business operation. Preparing for commercialisation is a significant part of the project, but it should not include the tasks appointed to the company, such as a ready-made business plan. The purpose of preparing commercialisation is to study the ways in which the research results can be utilised and to help choose the most promising paths in a new company or a new venture in an existing company.

What does Tekes fund?

In preparation for commercialisation, eligible actions include

  • mapping the level of technology and examinations of novelty
  • determination of customer value
  • competitor analyses
  • surveys of freedom-to-operate (FTO) and of intellectual property rights
  • protection of intellectual property rights (excluding maintenance)
  • experimental verification of the viability of the idea (Proof of Concept)
  • mapping of funding models
  • mapping of business models.

What are the requirements set for a project?

  • The scale of the business aimed at in the project must be significant. The application must contain an estimate of the scale of the business operations aimed for.
  • The project must always examine several alternative commercialisation possibilities. The part of preparing for commercialisation in the projects is significant, and it comprises ≥ 30% of the overall funding in all funding periods.
  • If one option for preparing commercialisation is starting a new company, the application must describe the composition of the team behind the start-up.
  • It must also describe how the commitment of the persons and competence needed in the start-up of the new company's operations can be ensured.
  • The resourcing and planning for commercialisation are realistic and credible. The application must describe the competence and prior references of the persons responsible for the commercialisation.
  • The applicant must have adequate rights to use the background material and the research results to be produced in order to commercialise the knowledge and competence. The research organisation must have the possibility to assign the rights for the results to a party implementing the commercialisation of the idea after the project has ended. The purpose of the project cannot be the straightforward preparation of a new business.

If the applicant organisation has their own evaluation process for the commercialisation of the research ideas, it can be a benefit to the project to have been evaluated and approved. Another factor supporting the funding of a project is the existence of previous surveys and implementations on the topic's commercialisation possibilities. No business participation is required in this project type. However, companies may lend their expertise to the work of the project's steering group. It should be noted that a participating company does not have a right of first refusal to the project results.

How to apply for research funding

To apply for funding, an online application must be submitted. The application deadline is February 28, 2014. If necessary, funding is granted as phase funding, in which case eligibility for further funding will be assessed at the end of each phase.

Further information

Financial Manager Asko Vesanto, +358 29 50 55747, asko.vesanto(at)

Director Janne Viemerö, tel. +358 29 50 55848, janne.viemero(at)