Joint Call between Jiangsu province (China) and Tekes Groove and Skene Programmes (Finland) for Industrial R&D

2nd Call for Proposals for Joint Industrial R&D projects

Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, Jiangsu Province, The People's Republic of China, and Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation in Finland have launched the 2nd call for Joint Industrial R&D Projects with a primary aim to support joint industrial R&D aimed at development of products or processes leading to commercialization in the global market.

The funding will be granted according to both countries' usual funding principles. Tekes funds risky projects that create new know-how and innovations. The funding must have an integral impact on the project and the intended results must be significant considering funding. Tekes selects for funding projects that create in the long-term the greatest benefits for the Finnish economy and society. The other applications and the project's impacts on other companies and society are taken into account in the evaluation of applications.

Joint projects in the area of clean energy and environmental protection will have prior consideration.

1. Technological areas, Call Launch and Structure

The following technological areas are covered in the 2nd call:

In Cleantech:

1. Renewable energy and related technology: wind energy, solar energy, bioenergy

2. Water treatment and environmental related technology: waste recycling, water treatment, soil improvement, air quality measurement, environmental monitoring

3. Energy saving related technology: Energy efficiency in industry and buildings, smart grid

Other areas:

4. ICT, especially game industry

5. Biopharmaseutical and biotechnology

The procedure for the Finnish participants:

  1. Finnish participants should submit a short project outline (maximum 3 pages, special application form) by Novenmer 30th 2013 to Tekes. Chinese partners should follow the guidelines issued by the Jiangsu Province.
  2. Tekes will give all participants the possibility to present their project and partners either personally in November 12th.-13th 2013 in Tekes, Kyllikinportti 2, Helsinki or by teleconference. The participants shall reserve their presentation time from Päivi Pihlaja-Muilu, +358 2950 55641, paivi.pihlaja-muilu (at), Tekes
  3. Tekes and Jiangsu Science and Technology Department will jointly screen and evaluate the project outlines and participant's eligibility. The final proposal will be asked according to the evaluation. The results will be notified to the participants.
  4. Deadline for the final proposals will be the February 15th 2014. Submission guidelines will be provided to the projects concerned.

Project content and requirements

The proposals should comply with the following criteria:

  • Partners should include at least one Jiangsu and one Finnish company participant. The project may involve more than one company from each side; academic /research entities are eligible to join as sub-contractors only.
  • The joint industrial R&D project should aim at development of products / processes, services leading to commercialization in the global market.
  • The project partners should agree in advance on the IP rights and on the commercialization strategy of the product or process (Consortium Agreement is required). In pre-proposal phase at least Letter of Intent is required.
  • The work plan and the allocated resources of the project for the short outline (step 1) and the full project proposal (step 2) should be assigned clearly to each of the participating partners.
  • The project should demonstrate the contribution of the participants from both countries and the project must be balanced between participants and significant to both partners.

Tekes will follow the Tekes normal funding rules. More information

2. Eligibility

In Jiangsu

Eligible applicants will be R&D performing Jiangsu registered companies operates in Jiangsu.

In Finland

Eligible applicants will be R&D performing Finnish registered companies operates in Finland. The results of the projects shall contribute to the Finnish economy. The participants must have prerequisites for profitable business The applicants should not have unpaid taxes or disturbances in payments. For large companies the special requirements of Groove program should be followed: large companies should have at least 30 % SME subcontracting or a parallel SME project.

The participants must fully fill in the application form so that it can be evaluated equally with the other participants applications.

3. Evaluation and selection of the projects

Jiangsu Science and Technology Department in Jiangsu province and Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation in Finland will carry out an independent evaluation of the joint R&D application and will select the eligible project to be financially supported in accordance with their National Laws and Regulations. The successful projects will be jointly selected by the two implementing organizations based on the project criteria and requirements specified in the application form.

Contact Information

1. Ms Pia Salokoski
Groove – Growth from Renewables
Tel. +358 50 5577 672
pia.salokoski (at)

2. Ms Marjatta Aarniala
Groove – Growth from Renewables
Tel. +358 50 5577 736
marjatta.aarniala (at)

3. Mr Kari Korhonen
Skene – Games Refueled
Tel. +358 44 246 4673
kari.korhonen (at)

Jiangsu (China)
1. Ms. Guo Hong
International Cooperation Division
Jiangsu Science and Technology Department
Tel: +86-25-5771 3559
Mobile: +86-1351 252 6206
Fax: +86-25-5771 4182
guoh_kj (at)
39 Beijing Road East, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (P. O. Box 210008)

2. Mr.Wang Yu
Jiangsu Foreign S&T Exchange Center
Jiangsu Centre of International Technology Transfer
Tel: +86-(25)-8548 5882, Mobile:139 5170 0189
bio-w (at)
175 Longpan Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China 210042

Tekes in Shanghai
1. Mr Jarmo Heinonen
Tekes – Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation
Tel: +86 21 6104 1477
Fax: +86 21 6104 1432
jarmo.e.heinonen (at)
Rm 402, Bldg 2, 690 Bibo Road, Shanghai (Zip Code: 201203)

2. Ms Elisa Yu
Tekes – Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation
Tel: +86 21 6104 1477
Fax: +86 21 6104 1432
elisa.yu (at)
Rm 402, Bldg 2, 690 Bibo Road, Shanghai (Zip Code: 201203)

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