Funding for Indo-Finnish industrial technology R&D and innovation collaboration in cleantech, smart city development, and affordable health care 2014

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Finnish Funding Organisation

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Tekes and the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India through Global Innovation and Technology Alliance (GITA), will jointly fund Indo-Finnish technology R&D and innovation cooperation.
Application period: Tue 25.02.2014 - Mon 30.06.2014

Funding will be available for challenging industry-led R&D projects.

Application period: 25.2.–30.6.2014

The aim is to stimulate innovative R&D projects that address a specific market need or challenge, demonstrate high industrial relevance and commercial potential, and aim to deliver benefit to all participants, and more broadly, to both nations.

Successful projects will be funded by Tekes in Finland and by GITA in India.

The joint projects must meet the requirements of the funding organisations. In the Finnish part of the project, the general funding terms of Tekes will be applied, and in the Indian part of the project, the general funding terms of DST/GITA will be applied. (GITA's Documents related to this call:

Timetable of the call

Soft Launch of the request for proposals: December 9, 2013
Last date of submission of full proposals: June 30, 2014
Funding decisions (tentative): September 2014

What kind of projects will be funded?

Themes of the request for proposals (RFP)

The RFP is open to projects in the following themes:

  1. Cleantech: waste management, clean water and energy efficiency
  2. Smart cities
  3. Affordable health solutions for elderly and differently abled

The projects must be Finnish-Indian joint projects with a common project plan and they need to build up Finnish-Indian partnerships in order to enhance benefits to come for both Indian and Finnish economic life and society. Building on the principles of a true partnership, each participant in the consortium should have a relevant, specified role in the project in order to add value to the collaboration.

Projects shall be led by industry from India and Finland respectively. At least one organisation from Finland and one organisation from India must be involved as partners. Multidisciplinary consortia including SMEs and end-users/first customers will be favoured.

Project duration must be between 12 and 24 months.

In India, participation of research institutes and the academia in the projects is strongly encouraged.

Eligible Finnish Applicants
On the Finnish side, Tekes will only finance company projects in this call. Research collaboration with academic or other institutions can be included as purchased services in company projects.

Eligible Indian Applicants
Eligible applicants from the industry are Indian companies, registered in India under the Indian Companies Act 1956 with a minimum of 51 percent Indian ownership. Other Eligible Indian applicants include: researchers and managers from academic institutions, research hospitals or other R&D institutions (including not-for-profit research institutes recognized by DST/GITA) that are headquartered and operate in India. Sole proprietors, partnership firms and subsidiaries of firms headquartered and owned outside India are not eligible for support under this programme.

Representatives from countries other than India and Finland are permitted to participate in the projects; however they are required to secure their own funding.

The Finnish components of the projects will be funded by Tekes according to its normal funding terms.

How to apply

Finnish and Indian partners apply for funding from Tekes and GITA, respectively, according to each funding organisations' practices.

Finnish applicants shall make their applications following Tekes' normal quidelines and using Tekes' online services. NOTE: Add the following identifier in the comment field of the application form: Tekes-GITA RFP. Further information on Tekes' funding is available in Finnish or in English.

Finnish and Indian co-applicants will develop a joint project plan that will be sent to both Tekes and GITA together with the funding organisation -specific documents. See Guidelines for writing a joint project plan.

Indian applicants apply for funding from GITA according to the GITA's guidelines available at

Applicants are recommended to contact their national funding organisation before submitting applications. Please see Further information for contact information.

Review Process and Evaluation

All applications will be handled strictly confidentially.

Eligibility check

Tekes and GITA will initially screen all the applications for eligibility and completeness of information as per the RFP guidelines (see: 'What kind of projects will be funded' and 'How to apply*). If there are gaps in the information, Tekes and GITA may contact the applicants requesting them to provide the information required to fill in the gaps.

Thereafter, Tekes and GITA will create a list of the complete project proposals received and share it with each other. This will result in identifying projects that do/do not fulfill the eligibility criteria:

  1. Does the proposal fall in the theme of the call?
  2. Does the consortium include at least one Indian and one Finnish company as applicants?
  3. Are the applicants eligible for funding from Tekes/DST?

If certain project proposals do not meet the eligibility criteria, Tekes and GITA will jointly discuss these proposals and find a consensus on excluding them from the ongoing RFP.

Review Process and Evaluation

To ensure the effective delivery of the RFP and reinforce the principles of bilateral partnership, Tekes and GITA will conduct a parallel but independent review of all applications followed by a joint review.

Tekes will evaluate the applications using Tekes' normal in-house evaluation procedure, and GITA using its normal evaluation procedure with outside evaluators. To harmonise the processes, common evaluation questions will be used by both organisations. Based on both evaluation results, Tekes and GITA will form a consensus on the projects to be funded.

Evaluation criteria

The joint projects must meet the general requirements of the funding organisations.

The projects to be funded are chosen by evaluating them as a whole. The evaluation is based on the points listed in the Guidelines for writing a project plan (docx), and on the questions of the application form.

Special emphasis will be on

- Need

  • -relevance of the recognised problem and the proposed solution

- Innovation

  • novelty, quality and innovativeness of the plan
  • technology, innovation or know-how to be developed
  • degree of technology maturity and risk
  • competitive advantage of the innovation

- Benefit

  • benefit for the customers/end users
  • benefit created to the Finnish and Indian partners, strategic importance
  • business to be developed, market size, market access and risk
  • return on investment
  • impact on renewal and competitiveness of businesses
  • geographical/sectorial impact
  • impact on economic, societal and environmental wellbeing factors for both countries
  • impact of funding

- Quality of the project plan

  • milestones and deliverables
  • feasibility of the project plan
  • cost and financing structure

- Resources, partnership

  • quality of the consortium, complementarity
  • financial capacity and commitment of the partners
  • cooperation to be developed or utilised; value addition.
  • balance between Finland and India
  • innovation and managerial capacity
  • agreement between the partners

- Competition

  • competing solutions, competitors, competitive advantage of the proposed solution.
Funding decisions

Tekes and GITA/DST will, after having formed their mutual understanding on the projects to be funded, make their funding decisions according to their normal procedures.

Tekes and GITA will inform their grantees about the funding decisions according to their normal practices.

To comply with the Government of India requirements, public summaries of funded projects will be published on GITA's web pages.

Administration of the funded projects

Funding granted by Tekes and GITA/DST will be governed by the general terms and conditions of each funding organisation, respectively.

Intellectual property

The Indian and Finnish applicants/participants contributing to the project should have detailed collaboration agreement including, inter alia, roles, responsibilities, contributions, IP rights, and freedom to operate commercially. This will demonstrate that all partners contributing to the R&D project have agreed in advance on IP rights and the commercialization plan for the jointly developed product or process, have the desire for cooperation, and have understood the general terms and conditions of funding of the other project parties.

The agreements shall be made in written. The draft of collaboration agreement (e.g. LOI) should be included in the project funding application.

How to find partners?

Tekes and GITA are willing to help Finnish organisations find Indian partners and Indian organisations find Finnish partners.

Valuable information for partnering with Finnish organisations:

Useful information about Finland and India

Useful information about Finnish networks and India can be found at e.g. the following web pages:

Useful information about Tekes' funding principles
Funding organisations in nutshell

Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India
The Department of Science & Technology (DST) was established in May 1971, with the objective of promoting new areas of Science & Technology and to play the role of a nodal department for organising, coordinating and promoting S&T activities in the country. The Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India has an important role in building a strong base for Research, Development and Demonstration in India and in addressing national concerns about strengthening science and technology. DST, as a national agency for strengthening the base of Science and Technology in the country has made sincere attempt to address national concerns of India in basic research.

Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA)

GITA is a "not–for–profit" Section–25 Public Private Partnership (PPP) company promoted jointly by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Technology Development Board (TDB), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India (GoI).

It is an innovative mechanism between the government and Indian industry for attracting the industry's investment in technology by Mapping technology gaps, Evaluating technology offers across the globe, Connecting among technology developers, providers, commercializers, Funding last phase of technology development that connects the market and Deployment of technology solutions.

Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation

Tekes is the main public funding organisation for research and development and innovation in Finland.Tekes' funding and services promote challenging and innovative R&D projects of companies, universities and research institutes. Tekes works with the top innovative companies and research units in Finland. Annually, Tekes finances some 1,500 business R&D projects, and almost 600 public research projects. Research, development and innovation funding is targeted to projects that create in the long-term the greatest benefits for the economy and society.

Tekes actively promotes R&D&I cooperation between Finland and India, and encourages Finnish enterprises develop their businesses in India. To facilitate Indo-Finnish cooperation, Tekes collaborates with key actors of the Indian innovation ecosystem.

As a member of the Team Finland network Tekes offers partners from abroad a gateway to the Finnish innovation ecosystem. Tekes has an office in New Delhi.

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