Finnish-Japanese joint call “Information systems for accessibility and support of older people”

The Academy of Finland, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) promote Finnish-Japanese cooperation by launching successive joint calls in different combinations of ICT and Technology in Health and Medical Research. The aim is to support high-standard Finnish-Japanese R&D&I collaboration that will also promote the creation and strengthening networks between the two countries.
Application period: Wed 09.07.2014 - Tue 07.10.2014

The third joint call is now launched on the thematic area of Information systems for accessibility and support of older people. The research topics must fall under the main theme but be otherwise chosen freely. The following list provides some suggestions as for the topics.

Participation, involvement and engagement of older people into their community

  • Technology to support social interaction among older people: communication through virtual and augmented reality; context-sensitive interaction; gamification;
  • Older people as producers and co-producers of digital contents and services: tools and practices for the participation of older people to the service production; inclusive design.

Prevention of societal inequality

  • ICT and technological solutions to increase accessibility of older people to e.g. goods and services.

Technology and user experience

  • Involvement of older people, as the end-users and co-users, in designing of the solutions;
  • Interaction modalities and older people: using tracking technologies (such as eye tracking, motion tracking) to support interaction with technologies;  
  • Development of user-friendly technologies in ageing societies e.g. by creating visualization models to support coping of people suffering from dementia and to help to communicate with them.

Healthy lifestyle

  • Lifestyle and nutrition and food care for older people;  
  • The use of tracking, self-monitoring, feedback and instruction systems for healthy lifestyle and self-care (e.g. physical activity, reduction in sedentary time, nutrition, compliance to healthy life-style and rehabilitation interventions).

Wellbeing, care and environments of older people

  • Monitoring and evaluation of spaces and environments for designing and testing accessible surroundings and homes for older people;
  • Tools to enhance rehabilitation in the home: Wearable, sensor-based and embedded technologies to track older people's activities to give them and their carers feedback about their wellbeing and rehabilitation;
  • Development of technologies that promote communication and feedback between older people, service providers and family carers.


The Finnish applications shall be sent either to the Academy of Finland or to Tekes. Tekes funding for public research is granted only to public research networked with companies (Elinkeinoelämän kanssa verkottunut tutkimus) -project type where latest research data is applied to solving general research problems in the industrial sector.

The projects produce skills and results that lend themselves to immediate utilization as a starting point for the enterprises' own R&D&I projects. Project funding from third party exploiters should be > 10% / project, which can include inputs in the form of work, equipment and materials. In addition to the public research funding Tekes also funds joint collaborative research and development projects of companies, which promote and facilitate Japan-Finland cooperation. Normal Tekes funding terms and conditions for companies and for public research are applied.

The applications are reviewed in accordance with the Academy's, Tekes's and JST's own procedures. Collaborative research and development projects of companies are evaluated confidentially by Tekes according to normal Tekes procedures. Funding decisions will be coordinated together with the JST. Tekes will allocate maximum 1 million € / call.

The application shall contain a joint project plan that shall include a clear description of the planned collaboration (distribution of work and methods of implementation) and the added value expected from the collaboration. The plan shall also include a joint budget and separate budgets for both partners. Typical length of the project is 3 years, starting on April 1, 2015.

The Academy of Finland will inform of the call in their web pages and applicants can contact the Academy to get more information of the related procedures.

The deadline for all applications submitted to Tekes and the Academy of Finland is 7 October 2014 at 16.15. This deadline is non-negotiable (also company applications). Companies may contact to Tekes before submitting. Applications are drafted in the Tekes' or Academy's online services. Tekes: Online services. "JST-collaboration" must be written in the application form. The applications submitted to Tekes should fulfill normal Tekes requirements. Japanese partners submit their applications to the JST in accordance with JST guidelines.

More information

The Academy of Finland

  • Science Adviser Samuli Hemming (Natural Sciences and Environment Research Unit), samuli.hemming(at), tel. +358 29 533 5024
  • Science Adviser Tiina Forsman (Culture and Society Research Unit), tiina.forsman(at), p. +358 29 533 5013


  • Programme Manager Teppo Tuomikoski, teppo.tuomikoski(at), tel. +358 29 50 55749


  • Mr Daiji Naka, d2naka(at), tel. +81 3 5214 7375