Eurostars programme call for proposals for SMEs

The Eurostars programme funds research and development projects for small and medium-sized growth companies. Companies can send applications from any area to the programme. The last application submission date for the next evaluation round of Eurostars is 5th of March 2015.
Application period: Thu 29.01.2015 - Thu 05.03.2015

Leading the Eurostars projects are small and medium-sized growth companies who invest at least ten percent of their turnover or their personnel resources in research and product development. Project partners may be other SMEs and large companies.

A project group must have participants at least from two countries who are participating in Eurostars. In addition to these, other Europeans or participants from outside Europe can get involved in the project.

Research-intensive SMEs are responsible for at least half of entire project costs. The maximum duration of a project is three years, and its results are expected to be in the markets in a couple of years from the ending of the project.

The participants in a Eurostars project should together fill in the application and send it by electronic means to Brussels by 8pm on Thursday, 5th March 2015 (CET). The application service and instructions for the applicant can be found on Eurostars's web pages.

The applications will be subjected to international evaluation, and the funding decisions will be made nationally. The projects approved to the programme are expected to be launched during late 2015. The next evaluation round will start on 17th September 2015.

Tekes funds Finnish project participants with five million euros per year. The projects must comply with Tekes's funding criteria. Already at the beginning stage of a project, those planning to participate in it are advised to contact the EUREKA project coordinators at Tekes (see below).

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