European call for proposals: EuroTransBio 9th call for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), collaborating in the area of modern biotechnology

This call provides the opportunity to obtain funding for good European research and development projects directly from domestic funders. In Finland, the call is open to domestic companies.

Application period: 2 October 2013-31 January 2014

Tekes funding focuses on international and innovative company projects with significant impact. Support from Tekes for SMEs can cover a maximum of 65% of the project costs. Research organisation competence can be included in projects as a purchased service.

The call closes on 31 January 2014.

The call includes a total of 9 countries /area in Europe as well as Russia. A project consortium must include at least two partners from two countries participating in the call and the coordinator has to be an SME. More information about the call and detailed instructions about the criteria of the call and submitting an application are available on the EuroTransBio website.

The applications will be evaluated according to EuroTransBio and national criteria. The parties involved in projects that are successful in the evaluation will receive funding from their respective national funding bodies. The aim is to make the funding decisions during autumn 2014.

Instructions for compiling a project application

A company that applies for funding from Tekes must meet the normal Tekes funding principles.A company consortium needs to submit its application to the EuroTransBio application office by 31 January 2014. Tekes applications will be requested after EuroTransBio's international evaluation, in summer 2014.A consortium can also include a partner that does not apply for public support but participates in project implementation using its own funding.The companies report to Tekes concerning project progress in accordance with normal Tekes reporting practices.Applicants should contact Tekes prior to submitting an application.

Further information

Raimo Pakkanen, Programme Manager
Tel. +358 (0)50 5577 829
raimo.pakkanen (at)