Beautiful Beijing campaign call to companies – cleantech ideas, which contribute to air quality

Application period: Fr 11.4.2014 - Su 11.5.2014

Tekes opens the Campaign Call to companies for fresh cleantech ideas, which contribute to air
quality. We are looking for companies that want to provide clean technology solutions for the Chinese market, or want to be part of Team Finland Beautiful Beijing project. The Call is open to enterprises from all sectors. Companies that want to further develop cleantech solutions are also welcome to submit proposals. The Call is open on April 11 – May 11 2014, so act quickly. You can get involved Beautiful Beijing to Boot Camp.

An estimated 7 million people died due to air pollution globally in 2012, with more than half of the deaths linked to indoor smoke from cook stoves, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO). Air pollution is now the "single largest environmental health risk," the U.N. health agency stated in the report. The Southeast Asian regions were estimated to be the hardest-hit, with six million deaths as a result of polluted air in 2012. In China, Beijing and neighbouring Tianjin and Hebei province see more severe air pollution than the rest of the nation, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

China has started fight against air pollution. China's State Council released its Action Plan for Air Pollution Prevention and Control on 12 September 2013. The objective of this plan is to improve air quality and reduce the air pollution episodes in China. The Action Plan sets the road map for air pollution and control for the next five years in China. The action plan requires reduction of air pollution in populated Tianjin, Hebei regions and Beijing with 25 percent by 2017. For all the second- and third-tier cities, annual average concentration of PM10 should be reduced by at least 10 percent comparing to 2012 level. It is estimated that China needs to invest over 200 milliard Euros for its air pollution treatment plan from 2013 to 2017. Additionally, in March China released the 2014-20 urbanization plan to boost domestic consumption by increasing the proportion of urban residents among China's population of almost 1.4 billion to 60 percent by 2020, up from 53.7 percent now. China said it will invest more than 117 million Euros redeveloping shantytowns this year. The 2014-20 urbanization plan will improve water safety and air quality too.

Finnish cleantech solutions for improving air quality

Tekes and the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection have Beautiful Beijing cooperation agreement in cleantech. The cooperation aims at conducting a Sino-Finnish joint study to gain common understanding on actions, which can and should be taken to improve the living conditions, especially air quality in Beijing. Finnish companies have expertise and products for fine particle monitoring, air purification technology and various cleantech solutions for energy production and distribution, construction, transportation as well as industry processes. Tekes and Finpro work together with Chinese partners to offer demonstration and piloting projects in China.

Search for new proposals

Beautiful Beijing is looking companies that provide clean technology solutions for the Chinese market, or want to get involved Beautiful Beijing project. The Call is open to enterprises from all sectors. The Call gives possibility to gain access to demonstration and piloting projects and more important, to commercial projects identified during the kick-off study phase. Your proposal could help us to find other Finnish partners to complete your solution. Companies that want to develop cleantech solutions are welcome to submit proposals.

We appreciate ideas with the potential for growth in the international market. We are seeking proposals for five thematic sectors:

1. Energy Production and Distribution

  • The production and distribution of heat, gas, electricity and other types of energy which are used for industry, living, transportation and agriculture

2. Buildings and Construction

  • The energy and emission for building construction and consumption which are including building material production, building material transportation, heating and cooling system in buildings, supply air and indoor air filtration and purification recycling waste material efficiency

3. Traffic and Transportation

  • The energy consumption and emission by traffic and transport industry including fuel standard, emission standard

4. Industry

  • Energy and emission by industrial enterprises including water, waste and energy efficiency as well as material efficiency recycling

5. Air Quality Monitor and Analysis

  • Air quality monitoring and measuring standard, system and equipment, data analyzing system and controlling system

How to apply?

To participate in the Call, please fill the Test your Idea -form, (in Finnish) or (in English).

Mark – Main development areas: Other and write "Beautiful Beijing". The Call is open between 11th April and 11th May 2014.

If you are interested in to learn more about Beautiful Beijing, you can join in the Back to the Future – Team Finland China Day afternoon session on 24.4.2014 in Finlandia House. Because of limited space, ask an invitation from The Call is organized by the Tekes Witty City programme.

Why to participate?

You become involved to develop cleantech expertise and grow your business. A set of supporting services are made available to companies willing to join in the Beautiful Beijing team like export aid services, financing package and integration services. To companies planning to enter to the Chinese markets the Beautiful Beijing projects offers a forum to benefit from the experience of those already having established business there. Local business support is organized to facilitate the project execution in China. Team Finland will offer a common brand and marketing activities to support the whole initiative.

Join in the Beautiful Beijing Boot Camp

Tekes will organize the Beautiful Beijing Boot Camp for group of companies. The first part of the Boot Camp is on 13.5.2014 in Helsinki, and the second part on 9 - 13 June 2014 in Beijing. The Boot Camp is designed to provide an opportunity to grow or start cleantech business in China. The Boot Camp aims to help companies understand e.g. how to run a project and doing business in China, how to build a team and network, how to finance the project, and how to provide a winning solution to the Chinese customer. The Boot Camp program is built on real demonstration and pilot projects in China. Expert facilitators and experienced entrepreneurs will take through the exercise.

Download Boot camp programme (pdf)

Tekes will be in touch with you for further discussion within a week or after the call dead line. We will jointly think through the next stages and advice you to apply funding from Tekes or gain other services.


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