Applications for phase I: FiDiPro - Finland Distinguished Professor Programme

FiDiPro - the Finland Distinguished Professor Programme enables distinguished researchers, both international and expatriates to work and team up with the 'best of the best' in Finnish academic research.

Application schedule: 1.11.2013 - 28.2.2014

Led and financed by Tekes and the Academy of Finland, FiDiPro provides competitive grants to projects recruiting highly merited scientists, who are able to commit to long-term cooperation with a Finnish university or research institute.

Proposals for the first phase applications should be at Tekes on 28th February 2014.

The application process takes place at two stages. The projects invited to proceed to the second stage are selected on the basis of the short proposals. Applications for FiDiPro funding are always submitted by a Finnish university or research institute during the FiDiPro application periods.

FiDiPro funding is granted to a research project run by a Finnish university or research organisation that will recruit a top research from abroad. The projects should pay special attention to creating new competence and harnessing it for the needs of business life and the Finnish innovation environment.

A FiDiPro project can belong to any of the Tekes research funding types, but Tekes focuses on projects that are related to the focus areas of the Tekes strategy and belong to the Public research networked with companies category. There are six focus areas and they can be found in the Tekes strategy.

Tekes provides applicants with two alternatives

FiDiPro Professor funding is intended for inviting international professor-level top researches to Finland.

FiDiPro Fellow funding is intended for inviting international top researchers to Finland. Under the title FiDiPro Fellow, funding is granted to promising top researchers past their post doc stage.

The application is always submitted by a Finnish university or a research institute.

See more detailed application guidelines and forms:

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