Alberta–Finland Innovation and Commercialization Program

The Alberta – Finland Innovation and Commercialization Program was developed to enhance commercialization activities between Alberta and Finland, improve global competitiveness and enable international market development and access for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Application period: Tue 18.11.2014 - Mon 09.03.2015

The Program grants joint funding to Alberta SMEs collaborating with Finnish companies and service providers to support projects that promote innovation and commercialization in advanced materials, instrumentation and sensors, health, ICT and clean technologies.

Tekes is funding the Finnish SMEs collaborating with Alberta SMEs. The Program supports projects with a joint solution development nature.

The collaborations recommended for funding will be chosen by a Joint Executive Steering Committee on their merit through a competitive review process (including subject matter experts).

Guiding principles of Alberta – Finland joint projects

1. Projects must be joint technology development with both parties (Finnish SME and Alberta SME) contributing to technology development.

2. Projects cannot be an outsourcing of technology development to other party (one-sided development).

3. Products from the project cannot be a customization of a product for one specific company's use. Products need to have wider implications for industry.

4. Projects must have benefits/outcomes for both Finland and Alberta.

5. An intellectual property rights plan must be in place prior to grant agreements being signed (approximately August 2014).

6. A joint project should create longer term, competitive business assets and/or capabilities for both companies, meaning:

  • longer term = beyond the joint project's term
  • competitive = capable of competing internationally
  • business assets = a new or improved product, service or pilot versions of these, etc.


Round Three: Expression of Interest (EOI) opens now

Deadline for Submission of EOIs Round Four: 4 p.m. MST, January 12, 2015: download EUREKA project application form

Deadline for Submission of Full Proposals (by invitation only): March 9, 2015

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