Funding call for the themes of health and wellbeing

Application period: Tue 02.12.2014 - Thu 26.02.2015

The funding call has two sections:

1. International growth from health improvements
- In this section, Tekes solicits proposals for research and development projects aiming for regeneration and international growth in the Finnish health and wellbeing sector.
- The section's funding targets:

  • multidisciplinary research projects that are interconnected with industry and realized in research institutions (universities, research institutes and polytechnics). The funding share of those who potentially derive benefits from the research projects should cover at least 10% of the project costs.
  • companies' and organizations' joint projects
  • companies' and company groups' projects

2. Encounter between top-level research and industry
- Call for research proposals targeted to top scientists – Cooperation experiment between Tekes and the Academy of Finland

- Tekes solicits project proposals which promote the interaction of industry with top-level research funded by the Academy of Finland and commercial utilisation of the scientific results.
- In this section, the funding is aimed at projects interconnected with industry. The funding share of the potential beneficiaries from the results of the research projects should cover at least 10% of the project costs.

Projects to be funded can be connected to current Tekes programmes, for example to the Bits of health programme, which offers the participants networking and internationalisation services and information events as well as national and international visibility.

In this call, the development projects of public social and health care service providers will not receive funding. Public service providers can participate by making use of the research projects or as part funders.

Call announcement (pdf)

Further Information

Information event, on 10 December 2014, 8.30 am -1.00 pm in Helsinki
The event was transmitted by video and can thus be viewed from distant locations.

Coaching day, 21 January2015
Tekes will arrange an event in which the applicants can engage in short private feedback discussions with Tekes experts.

If you are a company client dealing with Tekes for the first time, it is advisable to start with our tentative inquiries (Fi, En, Swe). You can find, among other things, useful information about the requirements for Tekes funding. Our expert will contact you by phone within a week upon receipt of the tentative inquiry at Tekes.