Small and medium-sized companies in industry – formulate an idea on how your company can be expanded with customer-centred planning!

Application period: Tue 17.06.2014 - Mon 01.09.2014

Present your idea by applying to take part in Tekes’ theme search! We will award prizes to the best entries.

Has your company considered how it could renew and increase its business through design and client-centred planning? Now is the time to open your eyes and look for new sources of growth. Tekes encourages Finnish companies in industry to develop their line of business by utilising design tools. These have produced excellent results and satisfied users here and around the world.

How can this be realised in your company in practice? Present your idea to us, and you can receive advice and funding for its development.

Tekes is looking for ideas that will promote business renewal and growth, which are user-oriented and therefore as useful as possible to end users. A potential idea can be, related for example to the development of the company's products and services, reform of the design process or to how new ideas come about in the company. The idea can be related to new and possibly unexpected partnerships, with the help of which business is renewed and increased.

What types of ideas should be presented in the theme search?

Small and medium-sized companies that are seeking growth and represent industry should send an entry application if their idea

  • renews business with approaches related to design and client-oriented planning,
  • redefines the company’s customer experience and improves the feasibility, ease of use and visual presentation of solutions,
  • aims at business and online models that will create a new type of customer-value,
  • facilitates new approaches and partnerships,
  • combines industry and design in new and surprising ways.

Small and medium-sized companies that employ over 10 persons and have a turnover of over 500,000 euros will have precedence in the application process. A company in the industrial sector can also submit a joint application with a design company.

Why should you present your idea in the theme search?

Tekes will reward the best ideas. The best entries will be awarded specialist analyses how customer-centred planning can help to develop your company.  The analysis will help your company draw up a funding application to Tekes for a research and development project that will support your company’s growth and internationalisation.

The Tekes Feelings programme, which is focused on the same topic area as the theme search, is prepared to provide approximately 2 million euros in funding to research and development projects in this area that meet with the criteria for Tekes funding 2014-2015. The share and form of Tekes funding will be determined according to the project’s content and scope, as well as the actors taking part in the project. 

How the theme search process will proceed

  • The theme search will begin on 17 June 2014 and end on 1 September 2014.
  • Ideas will be assessed 1 September to 15 September 2014
  • Results will be published during the Subcontracting Trade Fair 16 – 18 September 2014

 The following questions will be considered when assessing the ideas:

  • Are the idea’s objectives ambitious and does the idea have novelty value?
  • Will the actors committed to realisation of the presented idea be able to implement it in practice?
  • How plausible is it that the idea will improve international business potential?

The manner in which the idea is presented in the application is informal and up to the presenter. The method of presentation can include, for example, a diagram, animation, visual presentation or video. It is essential that the concept behind the idea, as well as the aforementioned assessment criteria can be clearly identified.

Send your idea to Tekes by 1 September 2014 using our secure transaction channel. Select the topic of the message as ‘Other, what?’ and write ‘Feelings theme search + your company name’ in the field below.

For more information on the theme search, please contact the following persons starting 4 August 2014: 

Minna Suutari
Programme Manager
Tel. +358 505577830

Merja Salonen
Senior Advisor
Tel. +358 505577974