Sino-Finnish Call for Expression of Interest for the Joint R&D Project in Cleantech, ICT, Urbanization and Design

Application period: Mon 17.10.2016 - Fri 09.12.2016

Tekes is announcing China-Finland call for expression of interest for companies in Cleantech, ICT, Urbanization and Design research, development & innovation projects. The call is being conducted by Tekes and the Ministry of Science and Technology of People's Republic of China (MoST) together with Jiangsu and Zhejiang S&T Departments.

The objective of this call is to assist companies in creating eligible R&D&I, pilot and demonstration proposals. Applicants are expected to focus on larger scale cooperation pilot and demonstration projects. Partners should include at least one Chinese and one Finnish company participant. The project may involve more than one company from each side. Academic research entities and research organizations are eligible to join as sub-contractor.

The deadline for the call for expression of interest is December 9th, 2016. The form for expression of interest is found here (docx)

See here (pdf) for the complete call text. 

Proposals will be handled in cooperation with the Team Finland partners.


Finnish Contacts

In Finland

Mr. Sebastian Johansson
Tel: +358 2950 55975
sebastian.johansson (at)

Mr. Markku Lämsä
Tel: +358 2950 55793
markku.lamsa (at)

In China

Mr. Arto Mustikkaniemi
Tel: +86 138 1020 4014
arto.mustikkaniemi (at)

Chinese contacts:

I. Policy consulting:
European Division, Intl Cooperation Dept. MoST
Contact person: LI Ruiguo, YANG He
Tel: 010-5888 1351, 010-5888 1356
hzs_ozc (at)

II. Application receiving:
European Division, China S&T Exchange and Communication Center
Contact person: XIA Huanhuan, DAI Lei
Tel: 010-6851 3370, 010-6859 8075
xiahh (at)