Preliminary Announcement of China-Finland Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects

Tekes will open a joint China-Finland call for companies on 15th January 2016. The deadline of the call is 29th April 2016.
Application period: Fri 15.01.2016 - Fri 29.04.2016

The final announcement of China-Finland call for proposals will be published on Tekes web page “Application schedules” on 15th January 2016. The call is being conducted by Tekes, the Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China (MoST), Jiangsu S&T Department and Zhejiang S&T Department. Areas of cooperation:

1.    Cleantech

Energy conservation and energy efficiency (including but not limited to industrial energy saving, ESCO services, green buildings, renewable energy, bio material comprehensive utilization, city-level district heating and centralized cooling solutions, building-level centralized heating and cooling solution etc.)

2.    ICT

Air pollution control and management (including but not limited to indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring and solutions, etc.)

3.    Urbanization

Waste & water management (including but not limited to waste management design, waste recycling, bio-gas collection, waste water solutions, etc.)

4.    Design

Smart City Design (including but not limited to smart city concept, green and sustainable buildings and construction, smart traffic, sports arena concepts and design, architectural design and industrial design, etc.).


The funding will be granted according to both countries' usual funding principles. Tekes funds risky projects that create new know-how and innovations. Academic /research entities are eligible to join as sub-contractors only. The MoST has limited the maximum funding for Chinese project up to 1.5 million RMB (ca. 215 000 Euros).

More information

Markku Lämsä (Tekes, Finland)
Tel: +358 29 50 55793
markku.lamsa (at)

Arto Mustikkaniemi (Tekes Beijing, China)
Tel: +86 138 1020 4014
arto.mustikkaniemi (at)

Jarmo E. Heinonen (Tekes Shanghai, China)
Tel: +86 13 6618 78400
jarmo.e.heinonen (at)

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