Funding available to large and medium-sized media companies for idea development

The Finnish media industry needs innovations and bold new ideas. If you have an idea brewing in your head, make the next move and present it to Tekes. We can help you turn the idea into reality
Application period: Thu 31.03.2016 - Fri 16.12.2016

We are looking for large and medium-sized companies working with the media industry in one way or another. What they all should have in common is the burning desire to revolutionise the media industry, initially in Finland and perhaps eventually worldwide.

If your idea is a diamond in the rough, that's fine – the innovation support Tekes is now offering is also available to budding ideas, in other words for early–stage research and development. We can help you put the idea to the test, in order to chart out the territory, both in terms of international competition and project development. The key issue is to move forward, experiment and build something new.

The total value of the project may be up to EUR 100,000, with media innovation support accounting for EUR 50,000. Now is the time to take action and apply for a grant for your idea

All you need to do is present your idea, and we will help you with the actual application process.

Maybe your idea will be the one that revolutionises the media industry!

Media innovation support for early state innovation building in a nutshell

Application period: 31 March – 16 December 2016

Eligible companies: Large and medium-sized media companies such as media houses, production companies and digital solution providers with a turnover of at least EUR 50 million.

Funding model: Company's own funding 50% and media innovation support 50%, up to a maximum of EUR 50,000.

Funded projects must be completed by 31 May 2017.

Further information:

Petri Rajahalme, petri.rajahalme(at), tel. +358 2950 55625
Aki Parviainen, aki.parviainen(at), tel. +358 2950 20005
Kaisa Holma, kaisa.holma(at), tel. +358 2950 29045
Antti Salminen, antti.salminen(at), tel. +358 2950 21239
Anna Alasmaa, anna.alasmaa(at), tel. +358 2950 36039