Call for applications – Autonomous systems and the augmented human

Application period: Fri 01.04.2016 - Wed 27.04.2016

This call for funding applications is aimed at Finnish companies and research organizations for R&D in the field of autonomous systems and the augmented human. The call is jointly organized by Tekes and the Academy of Finland. It is part of the research, development and innovation programme ICT2023 jointly coordinated and funded by these two organizations.

This call for applications describes how companies can apply for Tekes funding for joint projects involving companies and research organizations. Tekes funding in this call is intended only for companies.

Unlike the previous ICT2023 calls, this call has no pre-proposal phase. Funding applications should be sent to Tekes by Wednesday 27 April 2016 by 16.15 pm. This deadline applies for joint applications where companies are engaged in a research project with their own parallel project. Companies should apply funding from Tekes and research organizations should apply funding from the Academy of Finland. The funding decisions will be made during the summer 2016.

A more detailed description of the call themes and application procedure can be found in the annex (in Finnish, pdf). A description of the call themes in English (pdf).

Instructions for applying research funding from the Academy of Finland are described in the call for applications and please select "April 2016 call" or a direct web link to the call for applications.