Basemark: From performance to power consumption measurement and virtual reality

The Helsinki-based startup Basemark has clients that are among the world leaders in their field. The software company is now developing its own hardware and investing in virtual reality.

Founded in April 2015, Basemark's customers include processor manufacturing giants such as AMD, Intel, Mediatek, NVIDIA and Qualcomm. Another client group consists of the device manufacturers that use the processors, such as Amazon, Apple, HTC, LG and Samsung. Companies are licensing Basemark's performance measurement software, which has already become industry standard. It enables objective measurements of the performance of various processors and devices, such as measuring the speed of game graphics, performance during browsing and photo editing, and the speed at which files are copied.

“We are also developing a device and software for measuring power consumption. We are very excited to be back in the business of developing a physical gadget with a circuit board and components, and LED lights on the outside!” says Tero Sarkkinen, Founder & CEO at Basemark.

Tekes has granted Basemark a product development loan to support the development of its power consumption measurement solution. This has enabled the company to manufacture its first batch of 40 test devices and distribute them to its customers for evaluation. Without funding from Tekes, the device would never have seen the light of day.

Basemark has decades of experience in graphics. In 1997, Sarkkinen founded Futuremark, whose PC benchmarking software 3DMark is still popular among PC gamers. He was also the CEO of Rightware, a company producing graphic interfaces for the car industry that recently opened an office in Detroit, the heart of America's automobile industry.

Towards virtual reality

Basemark is expanding into measuring the performance of virtual reality software together with its German partner Crytek. Crytek is best known for its game engine, the Crysis game series and its pioneering work in the field of visually stunning 3D games.

“We went to meet Crytek's founders and top management. We got along excellently and thought that they would be an optimal partner for us. They share our passion for making groundbreaking solutions. We have huge mutual respect for each other.”

“We created a test based on Crytek's game engine. It consists of software and a device for measuring the latency of virtual reality glasses, i.e. the time between the user turning her head and the graphics updating on the screen. Research suggests that latency is the main reason for the nausea apparent in some VR glass wearers. We will reveal more in January and February and at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March 2016.”

Basemark in 2020

“Now that we have secured our own cash flow, we are seeking growth the hard way: by selling the product and then building it. Our turnover in our first financial year, 2015, was slightly over EUR 500,000. Our goal for next year is to surpass a million and to double our turnover each year from then on. This means EUR 16 million in 2020. This is a realistic goal, as we do not foresee many obstacles to our growth.”

The company's five-year vision is to keep its core expertise in Finland and set up country-specific companies abroad to sell its products and serve customers.

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Kaj Nordgren
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