Movesole: Smart insole speeds recovery

For a country of its size, Finland is currently producing a high number of companies focusing on health technology and digital health care. One of the new kids on the block is Movesole, based in the city of Oulu. Partly founded by ex-Nokia employees, this firm has developed a technology that speeds up recovery from a range of foot injuries.

"Many key forms of care for sports, strain-related and other injuries are based on controlled mobilisation of the injured area, since immobilisation tends to hamper recovery. However, there is a problem – patients, doctors and physiotherapists find it difficult to monitor whether mobilisation is progressing as planned," explains Eero Kaikkonen, CEO of Movesole.

Movesole aims to solve this problem. Its solution is based on insoles equipped with sensors which monitor each step taken. This is complemented by a smartphone application which collects data wirelessly for analysis by the patient and physicians.

Movesole has combined major talent from the fields of medicine, mobile and sensor technology and business. In establishing technological proof of concept and mapping out its markets, the company has benefited from Planning of international growth (KKS) funding from Tekes. The company's project forms part of Tekes' Bits of Health programme, which helps companies to grow as part of the digital health ecosystem.

Next up for Movesole is commercialisation – first in Finland, but with potential markets all over the world.

Strong growth prospects in the care of lifestyle diseases

The most obvious application of Movesole technology is the care of accidental injuries, but even greater growth opportunities beckon in an area that may at first seem surprising: lifestyle illnesses.

For example, type-2 diabetes can cause leg damage which, in the worst cases, can lead to amputation. Over half of such cases are preventable. Diabetes interferes with our tactile senses in the legs, which can result in a poor gait and the related ulcers and gangrene – with disastrous consequences at worst. One way of preventing this is to analyse the patient's gait.

"Diabetes is a major national health problem and cause of health care costs. We hope that our technology can contribute to solving this problem," says Kaikkonen.

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Pia Mörk
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