Firstbeat changed how the human body is measured and analysed

Firstbeat reveals the secrets of the body with an advanced method based on measuring the heart, bringing precise and personal information on the actions of the body and a person's own wellbeing. Behind it all is the leading body analysis technology in the field.

Everybody has the possibility to affect his or her own wellbeing. This starting point gave rise to the Finnish technology company Firstbeat, whose world-conquering solutions are based on the measurement and analysis of the functions of the heart. The company's leading technology can be found in the devices of many major brands, including Samsung, Garmin, and Suunto. The founding member and CEO, Dr. Joni Kettunen says that the groundbreaking well-being analysis application is the result of more than ten years of work.

"Our solution takes measurements from the human body on the effects of factors such as such as stress, recovery and relaxation, physical condition, and exercise on the level of performance. It is capable, for instance, of making note of all moments that promote health", he says.

Sensors developed with funding from Tekes reveal what the eye cannot see

Firstbeat has turned technology into products in which solutions for top athletes, business and industry, and wellbeing can be found. According to Kettunen, the basic technology of the projects is based on identifying bodily functions, such as the gathering of signals from the heart. With the help of these signals the aim is to create a model of the body, a digital replica, whose detail sets Firstbeat apart from other players in the field.

"When we make a model, we see changes taking place in the body, and by analysing them we can read many different things. We are able to create a digital model of human physiology, which contains several physiological parameters. With the help of this information we can give the consumer considerable revelations about the body", he says.

Taking part in the Tekes BioIT programme opened the possibility for Firstbeat to have its own sensor development project. Kettunen says that participation in the programme expanded the field of knowledge and the use of sensor data.

"With the help of the new technology we have been able to take bigger steps. It is important for Tekes to support and develop this field. Although much has been invested in the area, our activities are still in the very early stages", he observes.

Billions of heartbeats monitored around the world

The advanced technology of Firstbeat has changed the quality of life of many and at the same time, the manner in which the whole world measures and analyses the human body. Kettunen says that millions of people have acquainted themselves with the Firstbeat heartbeat analysis, and that the company has analysed thousands of billions of heartbeats.

"Our technology is recognised on the international market. The products have been sold to at least 40 countries and the largest part of our company's income is composed of exports", he says.

"We are known already in certain sectors, such as championship sports and the industry of the field. Our goal is to grow into an internationally significant player in the analysis of information connected with wellbeing."

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Text: SST Viestintä

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