Dodreams: Game chart topping through cooperation

Game development company Dodreams fulfilled its dream through support by two Finnish companies in different fields, and important support by Tekes. The hugely popular Drive Ahead! is a top-selling application on Apple's store, with the number of players increasing round the world.

Founded in 2008, Dodreams creates games that bring friends and families together. They have been developing multiplayer games based on a mini game strategy since 2014. Tekes provided support for the strategy in Skene – Gaming Refueled programme.

"Developing games is expensive in Finland, because a lot of time is put into the development. Each completed game is like a lottery ticket. Within Skene programme we developed technology that enabled the cost-efficient creation of mini games. We stand out from the rest in that we have the first version of the game ready in a couple of months," says Dodreams's CEO Erik Pöntiskoski.

New players thanks to game video service

”Although Drive Ahead! has good visibility in Apple's App Store, any support runs out quickly when the novelty wears off. Everyplay, the game video service owned by game engine company Unity Technologies, enables players to record their own game session videos. These videos can be shared within Everyplay and on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.
"Everyplay helps us get new users without us being on the front page of Apple’s store. We are followed in the service by 200,000 players and Drive Ahead! videos have been played a staggering 776,000 times. We rose to seventh place in the global list of greatest games of all time," says Pöntiskoski.

Game advertising – everyone benefits

A key part of cooperation has also been Unity Technologies' video advertising product Unity Ads, with players receiving a virtual product from every ad video they have watched. Jussi Laakkonen of Unity Technologies says that the format is ideal for companies like Dodreams.

”Because Drive Ahead! can be downloaded for free, the money is earned primarily from advertisements integrated into the game. Everyone wins in the Unity Ads model. Players want to watch the advertisements to get a prize, the advertisers have a very receptive audience, and the games developer enjoys a considerable turnover."

A game in everyone's own language

Dodreams was not only looking for visibility but a translation service to take care of localising the game texts. The cooperation partner turned out to be Transfluent, another company they had learned about through Tekes, which had been providing translation services since 2011. The company has so far translated Drive Ahead! into 17 languages.

"We have obtained 4.5 million players around the world in less than five months, and 15 per cent of the original players are still playing the game every week. This is an extremely high figure," says Erik Pöntiskoski with a smile.

”Dodreams has just introduced Drive Ahead! to Android devices, and there are also plans to create a version that can be played over the net. After that we will be expanding the product family. My vision is that people will still be playing Drive Ahead! in five years' time. This will be true if we can just introduce interesting content into the game."

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Erik Pöntiskoski
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Text: SST Viestintä
Images: Dodreams

Kaj Nordgren
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