Beibamboo produces children's clothing for international market

Swedes are famous for their successful clothing brands, but Finland is just as capable. One woman's drive has resulted in Beibamboo, a company that produces high quality baby and children's wear that are easy to put on and even advance healing. Beibamboo is aiming directly for the international market. Its customers include both private consumers and hospitals charged with dressing babies and children with special requirements. With the help of Tekes' Feelings programme, Beibamboo has taken long strides on its journey into a credible international children's wear brand.

Beibamboo approaches production of clothing from the perspective of babies and children: What types of clothing feel most comfortable on thin and delicate skin, how can the number of seams, which cause friction and irritation, be minimised, and why could necessary tags not be placed outside the clothing? What kind of clothing models are easiest to dress on a premature baby or sick small child without risking the safety of the child by disconnecting tubes and drips?

There were a multitude of questions at the start of the project. Now, answers have been found, and Beibamboo sells its line through its own online shop and distributors. In addition to this, the clothing line is being tested in hospitals both in Finland and the United States.

Better quality and more sustainable consumption

The idea for Beibamboo was born as a result of CEO Nina Ignatius' first-hand experiences. Her own baby was born prematurely. The little girl's infancy was life-changing for a number of reasons.

"I realised how similarly all companies that design and produce children's wear operate. It was difficult, for example, to find clothing that fit a premature baby, and the clothing that was available was such that one had to be a healthcare professional to dress a baby in them. As a parent, I could only watch passively from the side-lines, and there was really no natural way in which I could participate in caring for my baby. This is why I had to act," Ms Ignatius recollects why she founded Beibamboo.

The final result is a continuously growing baby and children's wear line. Many aspects that had annoyed parents for quite some time have been addressed. Regardless of the model, the clothing is all similar in that there are a minimal number of seams, all labels have been placed on the outside of the clothing and the clothing can be adjusted to fit as the baby grows and therefore can be used for longer. The clothing has been designed as timeless classics.

Sold worldwide and to hospitals

After years of product development, the situation is now clear. Parents and healthcare staff have voiced their appreciation for Beibamboo's products. They have been deemed useful. Clothing is of surprisingly great significance e.g. in the development of a premature baby and in staying healthy.

The company is aiming to sell its products worldwide: the company's online shop is continuously developed to better meet the needs of global buyers, and its products are currently being tested at many hospitals in the United States. The potential market is enormous.

Building an international business is hard work

With the help of Tekes, Beibamboo has worked hard to pursue internationalisation: a market survey provided more information on the buying behaviour of parents. Additionally, the company has been able to survey and even test new distribution channels. Tekes has also helped the company acquire additional resources, which have been essential for expanding business operations. The company is now able to put even more effort into its growth.

Beibamboo is now moving on to the next points in its development plan. First, a Kickstarter co-funding campaign will run from November to December to help establish momentum and backbone for the project. The key aim of development work will be to simplify the production chain to avoid unnecessary costs and distinguish the brand more clearly. Production must be able to meet with growing demand, and, on the other hand, it is time to define the Beibamboo brand, which has the potential to grow into a strong global success story.

Further information

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