Vaso Oy: Soininen area in Naantali to accommodate energy-efficient small houses

Varsinais-Suomen Asumisoikeus (Vaso) Oy is implementing an energy-efficient small house area at a scenic site in the Soininen area in Naantali. The housing will be right-of-occupancy-based and allow reasonable housing costs for the residents. The real estates will be the first ARA-priced right-of-occupancy apartments categorised as passive houses based on their energy economy in Finland. The first apartments have reached their rooftop heights.

“The innovativeness and novelty value of the procurement stem from the construction process developed for ARA-production, involving as efficient energy use throughout the life cycle of the real estate as possible. Furthermore, all adverse environmental impacts of the real estate throughout the life cycle have been minimised”, Pekka Peltomäki, CEO of Vaso, explains.

Peltomäki notes that the perspective of the residents of the real estate was taken into account through having them influence the solutions related to everyday living as early on as the design phase. The residents will later also be instructed on using their apartments in an energy-efficient manner.

The project will also produce a follow-up system which will enable comparisons between the energy-efficiency of the real estate constructed in Soininen during use, as well as its environmental emissions, and a standard house constructed at the same time.

“The aim is to reach as cost-effective and high-quality an end result as to meet the ARA price and quality standards”, Peltomäki states.

Procurement clinic used as the tool

The procurement procedure itself proceeded so that Vaso issued an invitation for tenders for construction and project management consultancy firms, architectural designers and energy experts at the end of 2009.

“We prepared sufficient specifications and requested descriptions from each three sectors as to how they would meet our requirements and how much that would cost.”

In the tendering procedure, Pöyry CM Oy was selected to take care of the construction and project management section, Kimmo Lylykangas Architects Ltd was selected as the architectural designer and Granlund Oy as the energy expert.

The procurement clinic of RAKLI, The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients, had a major role in the implementation of the development model related to the production and use of an energy-efficient right-of-occupancy small house area.

“The Vaso housing development group, consisting of approx. ten active residents, was involved in the process and the procurement clinic workshop activities. We specified the basic premises of the project and the quality criteria for the real estate. We evaluated different forms of energy production, as well as their usability and applicability in the plot and the related town plan”, Peltomäki explains.

The information obtained at the workshops and the reference plans created based on them were presented to building contractors and various suppliers of energy systems, construction materials and technical solutions, for example, in a separate procurement clinic event.

“Our goal was to find an optimal solution that would enable us to reach our technical goals, as well as our price and quality goals.”

The market did not operate as Vaso had hoped, however: the prices of the contract tenders exceeded the tolerance limit by approximately 25 per cent. The project required replanning, and this was done at the end of 2010. At this stage, Vaso compromised its goal of constructing one-storied small and two-family houses in Soininen, and two-storey two-family and terraced houses were designed to replace them.

After a new competitive bidding, Hartela Oy was selected as the contractor. Hartela’s technical solutions meet the Finnish criteria for passive housing, along with the energy efficiency requirements that came into effect on 1 July 2012.

In addition to Tekes, other parties involved in Vaso’s development project have included ARA, Rakli and the Town of Naantali.

Soininen area in Naantali to accommodate energy-efficient small houses (pptx)

Further information

Pekka Peltomäki
CEO, Varsinais-Suomen Asumisoikeus (Vaso) Oy
tel. +358 50 569 3288

Text: Teonsana Oy
Photo: Vaso Oy

Eero Lukin, 7 November 2012